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The creator of William L. 1985 watches was inspired by a watch that his great grand uncle gave him. After inheriting this watch, he found that it was popular among his friends, but they could not afford a similar one due to its high price. The creator set out to create vintage watches of a similar nature that would be affordable to anyone who wanted one.

The William L. 1985 watches have cases that are made out of durable 316L stainless steel. The cases come in polished silver, black and gold colors. The dials can vary in color from watch to watch, and each of the cases measure around 40 millimeters in diameter. This makes them large and easy to read. Protecting the dials of these watches is an ultra-resistant domed mineral glass which is able to resist scratches and dents. It has been given a reflective coating that will make the watches easy to read in any lighting area, night or day. The ease of readability is furthered due to its luminova treatment that the watch hands have. Keeping the time is a reliable Japanese Miyota 6S21 quartz movement inside of these watches, one that is precise and dependable. The straps for these watches come in a number of different styles.


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bulbul is a modern-day Danish watchmaking company that is dedicated to bringing traditional watchmaking skills into modern, forward-thinking design styles. The company was founded in 2013 by a frequent traveler and a design enthusiast who took his inspiration from all over the world. The most notable was the inspiration for the Pebble watches, one that took its cues from the asymmetrical pebbles found on the shores of Scandinavia.

The company boasts ultra minimalistic watches which cannot be likened to anything else. From the straps to the dials are all simplistic, offering traditionally colored watches which are presented in a modern format. None of the watches faces come with time indicators and only boast slender hands that tick away the minutes and the hours. These watches are available in traditional brown and gold colors as well as muted, neutral tones like black, gray and white in order to suit any taste. The watch cases are crafted using 316L stainless steel and Italian leather straps attach them to the wrist to provide durability and luxury all in one. A Swiss movement keeps the time with ease, and a sapphire crystal glass protects the dial from scratches and nicks.


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Zinvo watches is a brand that was founded in Geneva, Switzerland. They have been designed in a unique way that appeals to those looking to spice up the way that they wear their watches. With this brand, gone are the days of second hands as they have been replaced by a rotating turbine that counts away the second hands. These watches are instantly recognizable due to their iconic silhouette and the ever-turning turbine on the dial.

The rotating dials on the Zinvo watches are different with every watch. These watches are crafted out of durable 316L stainless steel that has given a rose gold, gold or silver plating that is polished at the end. The watch cases measure 44 millimeters by 12 millimeters in size, making them weighty and large. Protecting these iconic dials is sapphire crystal glass that prohibits any sort of dents, scratches, nicks or other impact damage. On the back of the watch case, there is a scratch proof hardened mineral glass. Inside the watches, there is a Japanese Miyota 8215 automatic mechanical movement that counts the seconds in both a reliable and accurate manner.


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Eone watches have been created not only a beautiful and functional design but one that is totally inclusive as well. These watches have been designed to suit those with blindness or even slight visual impairment who want to own stylish, sophisticated timepieces–something that many watch brands intended to help the blind don’t offer. Eone watches set out to change that with their business, providing unique timepieces that include styles that can suit the likes of anyone, whether you are sighted or visually impaired.

Straying far away from the norm of unappealing and unattractive timepieces for the blind and visually impaired, Eone watches creates sleek and modern watches that make it simple to tell the time while also incorporating incredible style into the look. These watches feature raised indicators that make it simple to run the finger across the dial and feel where the magnetic ball is sitting according to what time it might be. You can look at these watches and tell the time, or feel for the time–whichever best suits your situation. Their watches are not only accessible and convenient but stylish as well, available in silver, black, yellow gold and rose gold alike. A variety of straps and dial types are available in order for you to make a daring fashion statement at the same time.


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Created in the year 2007, Triwa watches is a company that was born out of the desire of four friends who wanted to bring watches back into style as a fashion accessory like they were back in the day. Triwa, which is an acronym that stands for transforming the industry of watches, hopes to bring watches back into style as more than just a way to keep up with the time. With this in mind, they set out to create their collection of Triwa watches for women and men.

Triwa watches have cases made out of 316L stainless steel providing them with the utmost of durability and resiliency. Their cases are made in either gold or silver plating to provide a truly luxurious appeal with all of the resistance to wear that stainless steel provides. The dials of these cases use colors such as silver, gold, white, gray and blue. This lets you choose the color combination that is right for you. A sapphire glass protects the dials from any sort of scratches or damages so that it can last for a lifetime to come. Inside, there is a reliable quartz movement that is able to dependably keep the time. The entire watch is resistant to water with a 3 ATM water resistance that protects against splash damage and rainwater.

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