formex essence

Hoping to find the perfect intersection between functionality, comfort, and individuality, the mechanical micro-watch brand Formex was born. In the year 1999, Formex developed their very first watch, bringing to the market an exciting, sports racing-inspired timepiece that delivered a one-of-a-kind look while still being stylish enough to be worn in formal situations. For the past two decades, Formex has been striving to better not only their watches but also their company, resulting in the abandonment of brick and mortar stores to take on more direct sales with their customers to bring them watches at a lower price.

Formex features five watch collections, including the Essence, Pilot, Element, Motorsport, and Diver, and each collection features seven watch lines. This offers customers of any taste and preference the chance to own a watch that speaks to their very own sense of style and preferred characteristics. Each watch is just as bold as the next, no matter what line or collection they are found in. With dozens of high-quality sports watches to choose from, there will never be a dull moment with Formex watches.

You can find your very own Formex watch on their website, where all of the lines and collections are featured. Throughout the various collections, the prices range from $419 to $1,590. All of the watches, regardless of the model, are calculated with shipping and taxes included to offer total transparency of the price.



When it comes to dive watches and other outdoor lifestyle timepieces, many of them put emphasis on their durability but do not go into a lot of detail about what makes them so durable and strong, leaving a little room for doubt. Ocean Crawler is a mechanical micro-watch brand that wants adventurists of all kinds to feel confident in the durability of the watches they wear on a daily basis. These timepieces undergo ten unique shock tests designed to push their durability to the limit, including a high-impact hammer test that delivers hundreds of times more impact than a car crash—and, these watches aren’t just strong—they are incredibly stylish as well.

The Ocean Crawler is available in a variety of eye-catching, vibrant colors that are sure to reflect the personality of the wearer. Colors include mint, orange, teal, G Blue, silver, yellow, black and blue, and blue and orange. The dial of the Ocean Crawler is housed inside of a strong 316L stainless steel case protected by a scratch-resistant crystal. The timepiece is water-resistant to 600 meters or 2000 feet and offers the option of a rubber strap for underwater adventures and a handsome leather strap for days spent on dry land. Inside of the Ocean Crawler is a Swiss Made Automatic regulated Seilita Sw-200 movement that keeps the time.

You can find the Ocean Crawler watches on the official Ocean Crawler website. Prices range from $999 and $1,499, depending on the timepiece, and there is free shipping to anywhere in the world.


spinnaker wreck

Taking inspiration from the intricate and complex world of yachting, the mechanical micro-watch brand Spinnaker is a combination of nautical physical beauty and expert engineering that harnesses the power of the wild and that of mankind into one flawless machine. These timepieces are inspired both by the sea and the ingenuity of yachts as well, bringing the best of both worlds into a handsome accessory that can be appreciated on and off of the yacht. Spinnaker watches span across a variety of different lines, each one offering something refreshing and new.

With Spinnaker watches, you can be sure that no matter which style you choose, your watch will be fashioned out of only the highest quality materials, including 316 L stainless steel for durability and a scratch-resistant dial glas. Inside of each nautical-inspired timepiece is a reliable movement spanning across an assortment of different types to give you an accurate read of the time, every time. Depending on the style of watch you choose, you will be treated to either a stainless steel link band or a genuine leather one instead.

You can find Spinnaker watches on their official website. There, you will find the expansive collection of timepieces spanning across several unique lines, each one with its own personality and clear nautical inspiration. The watches range in price between 345 and 850 euros depending on the collection, offering designs at an affordable price. Shipping goes out to anywhere in the world, no matter where you are located.


boldr globetrotter

Believing that everyone should seize the opportunity to adventure through life no matter what their idea of adventure is, the mechanical micro-watch brand BOLDR has launched their collection of timepieces that inspires their wearers to go out into the world and live life to its fullest. Created around what they call the Three C’s, BOLDR strives to make the world a “bolder” place through confidence, community and plenty of courage. Their watches are every bit as diverse as the customer base that wears them, giving everyone the opportunity to choose the one that speaks to them and take the first step on an exciting, adventurous path.

The BOLDR collection features four different watch lines: the Globetrotter, the Odyssey, the Expedition and the Voyager, each one inspiring in its own way. The Voyager line tends to take on more vintage qualities that bring the world of classic timepieces into the modern era. With the Expedition line, the timepieces tend to take on a more modern approach while still exuding that adventurous feel. The Odyssey line takes heavy cues from classic dive-style watches with strong modern details that tie the two worlds together. Finally, the Globetrotter includes all of the above with its squared-off case and circular dial.

You can find these timepieces on the official BOLDR website. The watches range in price from 299 euros to 970 euros, offering a full spectrum of luxury watches that anyone can enjoy. Purchases come with free shipping as well.


sternglas bauhaus

With their dedication to integrity and quality, STERNGLAS is a mechanical micro-watch brand watchmaking company that creates timepieces that are every bit as beautiful and well made as they are durable. Paired with excellent customer service and low prices, STERNGLAS is a watch company that you can trust to bring you the best of the best of timepieces made in a classic style with a gorgeous modern twist.

There are a number of collections of timepieces available from STERNGLAS, each one with their own unique personalities to suit your tastes. These include the Naos Automatik, Junis 38, Zirkel, Naos, Naos Sunburst and the Topograph watches, each made to the highest quality specifications. The many straps that are available for purchase are just as versatile and handsome with leather options in a variety of colors and different types of metal straps to suit any tastes. Whatever combination of strap and watch you choose, you can be sure that each one is built to last and will outlast you for innumerable years to come.

STERNGLAS is dedicated to providing you with high-quality timepieces that are accessible to anyone on any type of budget. Their watches range in price between $147 and $374 all depending on which collection you shop from, while the straps cost an inexpensive $45 to make it easy for you to order more than one to mix and match. Both the straps and the watches come with free shipping to anywhere on the globe.

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