Le Jour Watches

le jour watches

Founded in the 1960s, Le Jour watches is a brand that specializes in using unique engineering techniques and fine-quality materials to create truly one-of-a-kind timepieces. Taking inspiration from leisure sports and activities such as sailing, yachting, aviation and auto-racing, Le Jour watches have a sporty appearance while still retaining an elegant look in an effort to bring the world of luxury timepieces and durable sports watches into one timepiece style. Though the original Le Jour brand fell to the wayside thirty years ago, Le Jour has been born anew, taking over where it once left off to bring the same quality and sophistication to today’s market as it did decades ago.

Le Jour has introduced two watch collections: the Mark I and the Vintage Divers. The Vintage Diver collection is characterized by its SL C3, Green SuperLumiNova luminescent hands and indices, 300-meter water resistance, stainless steel case and anti-reflective lens for visibility in any light setting. The Mark I line features the same luminescent features but has subdials on the main dial as well to offer a sportier, more efficient way to keep the time. The Vintage Divers utilize an ETA 2824 Swiss Automatic movement to keep the time, while the Mark I line uses an Automatic Chronograph 7750 ETA Valjoux movement.

The Independent Mid-Tier Watch Brand Le Jour watches can be found on their website and at the authorized European dealer WatchBandit, ranging in price from $800 to $1,250. Each one comes available with shipping to anywhere in the world.

Gruppo Gamma Watches

gruppo gamma bronze vanguard retro

Aiming to reinvent the classic watch styles of the 1940s, Gruppo Gamma has come up with the Vanguard line of timepieces, which put an imaginative spin on the styles of old. The Vanguard Retro takes cues from the styles of yesteryear, while the Vanguard original offers a fresh, modern spin on the timepiece.

The first watch on the menu is the Gruppo Gamma Vanguard, the watch that puts an imaginative twist on the classic timepiece. Featuring a large case that measures 44 millimeters in diameter, the Vanguard has a slim profile with a bold appearance and an eye-catching presence on the wrist. The case comes in your choice of either marine-grade phosphor bronze or surgical stainless steel, both of which are every bit as durable as the other and able to protect the watch even with frequent wear. Both styles are also resistant to water as deep as 200 meters. A self-winding ETA 2824-2 Swiss movement inside of the timepiece accurately keeps the time.

With the Vanguard Retro timepiece, all of the specs are the same, with the only main difference being the style of the dial itself. The dial of the Vanguard Retro is inspired by old-fashioned watch dials with either its blend of index styles or bulbous Roman numerals. Protecting the dial is sapphire crystal glass that protects against nicks and scratches. Both of these watches are available on the Gruppo Gamma site and at the authorized European dealer WatchBandit and can be purchased for prices between $750 and $950 depending on the watch you choose.

Meccaniche Veneziane Watches

Meccaniche Veneziane arsenala

The Arsenale Automatic Watch from Meccaniche Veneziane takes its inspiration from the Serenissima Republic of Venice’s Royal Shipyard, a shipyard that was constructed many years ago. The Arsenale Automatic Watch is one that takes its cues from the vessels and the merchant ships that found a home in this shipyard, with their finishes even being directly tied to the way these ships were created, right down to the construction of the submarines and other naval vehicles.

The Arsenale Automatic Watch features a case which is made out of 316L stainless steel measuring 45 millimeters in size, making them large and legible. The hands as well as the indices are all diamond cut. These dials have been protected by domed sapphire glass, able to resist any sort of nicks, scratches or dents in order to ensure a watch that is able to last a lifetime. These Arsenale Automatic Watches have Cal. MV044 movements inside of them keeping the time. The movements are modeled after the Miyota 821A movements, those of which are mechanical movements made in Japan. The straps that come with these Arsenale Automatic Watches from Meccaniche Veneziane are made from genuine, handcrafted Italian leather for a luxurious finish. There will soon be launched a new version of the Arsenale watch from.

Sekford Watches

sekford watches white wristporn

Sekford Watches were created upon a singular belief: utilize the craftsmanship seen in traditional timepieces, but implement a modern spin that makes them more accessible to today’s society. Though other timepiece manufacturers seem to take note of only the global watchmaking trends, Sekford is different in the way that they take inspiration from their own corner of the globe. They bring classic British watchmaking techniques into the manufacturing process of their sleek dress watches while incorporating contemporary aesthetic elements that make them perfect for any modern person.

This watch company has named itself after Sekforde Street that is found in Clerkenwell, London, that was once the home of the most important and well-recognized watchmaking locations in the world. Thereby, Sekford took their inspiration from the watches that could be found in this hub, inspired by the traditional, dedicated craftsmanship to be found there. With their modern appeal, these watches have transformed from solely classic designs to ones with minimalist visual appeal in the form of abundant white space and crisp fonts.

The Independent Mid-Tier Watch Brand Sekford Watches believes that watches should be timeless, yet always accessible to the modern age. They focus on beauty and quality above all else by employing expert craftsmanship skills into each watch they produce. These watches are built to last, not only with their durable materials but in the world of fashion as well. Made with the highest quality materials, Sekford timepieces are perfect for any formal occasion and are to be worn by those with a modern aesthetic encompassed by a flair for the traditional.

Bravur Watches

bravur waches wristporn

An independent watch brand based in Stockholm, Sweden, Bravur is the dream of two friends come to fruition. The watch brand launched in 2011 with the goal of creating watches that give you a touch of elegance in any situation, from adventures at home to around the world. The Geography Series is a line of watches designed specifically for travel, thanks to the unique features while still being sophisticated with classic Bravur style details.

With the Geography Series, you can be sure you are getting the most out of your travels both in terms of style and functionality. What makes these Geography Series timepieces stand out from others is the additional dial and the extra hand that will allow you to keep track of not just one but two time zones in the world. The series delivers all of the characteristics you have come to expect from the beautiful Bravur watch designs such as recessed, two tone dials and their overall appearance.

Each one of these watches is fashioned out of top quality stainless steel, complete with a sapphire crystal backing on the case to make it stronger. On the tips of the hands is Superluminova material that allows you to check the time in the dark at a glance. Inside, reliable Swiss movements tick away the seconds on both time zones. Find these watches on the Bravur website and enjoy free shipping on both Geography Series styles.