BOLDR Odyssey 2019

The Microbrand BOLDR was created with the intention to inspire those that wear their timepieces to go bold and be themselves, going where the wind takes them. No matter what sort of exploring you like to do, your experiences can be accompanied by a timepiece that is able to withstand any sort of challenge that you want to put it through. Practical and handsome, these watches are excellent for the modern-day explorer.

BOLDR watches are crafted using only the finest quality materials, ensuring that they can stand up to the test of adventurous terrain, no matter where that takes you. The Odyssey is a dive watch that can take you up to 500 meters or 1,650 feet deep into the ocean without any sort of damage, making them ideal for divers of all levels. While the BOLDR Explorer watch may have significantly less water resistance, it makes up for it in the use of marine-grade stainless steel which makes it durable and every bit as likely to handle the elements as its counterpart can. With its numerous strap types, these watches are as stylish as they are durable.

Zelos watches

Based in Singapore, the Microbrand Zelos watches were founded with the idea of bringing timepieces into the market that were based on uncommon materials not often seen in the watchmaking industry. This includes materials such as bronze or carbon fiber. Zelos watches are produced from the ground up to bring handmade watches that cannot be duplicated. Founded by Elshan Tang, these watches were inspired by mechanical timepieces through the years, and the Zelos watch collection reflects everything the founder loves about them. The creator believes and knows that the love and ownership of great watches should not mean only owning luxury watches.

There are a number of different watches produced by Zelos watches and they all fall into different collections. Most of them measure 42 millimeters in diameter, however, and are 13.5 millimeters thick as well. This provides for a thick and chunky watch that you will definitely feel and notice as you wear it. The dials and cases come in a variety of neutral colors such as black, white, and silver tones. Protecting the dial of the Zelos watches is a sapphire, double-domed window. This ensures twice the protection against any sort of scratches, nicks, or other impact damage. The hands are made out of superluminova material that allows for easy readability no matter the time of day.

Gruppo Gamma bronze

In a market where every company loves to tack on the word ‘luxury’ to their timepieces, it can seem like the word itself loses its meaning. Gruppo Gamma, as a Microbrand watch company, strives to change the way that watch enthusiasts think about modern luxury timepieces, providing each customer with a unique opportunity to own one-of-a-kind watches that exude sophistication and luxury without even trying. What’s more, these luxury watches are available to anyone who wants to own elegant timepieces without breaking the bank.

The Gruppo Gamma watch collection features three different watch lines: the Vanguard, Chrononaut, and Peacemaker. Within each line are timepieces that stand on their own as individual works of art, each boasting its own unique details that set them apart. In the Vanguard collection, the watches boast a more rustic appeal with thick, eye-catching cases that have unique winding mechanisms and a boxy body. The Chrononaut features a water resistance of up to 300 meters and a deeply set concave dial with its indices illuminated using Swiss SuperLumiNova coating. Finally, the Peacemaker takes its cues from vintage-style watches with its bronze-colored case and convex sapphire crystal dials. Each of these timepieces features a reliable Swiss movement and comes with leather and canvas straps alike.

anicorn watches wristporn

There have been many innovations in watch design over the years, but the way we tell time has remained largely unchanged. Is it because conventional hands are the best way to track the hours? The designers at the watch Microbrand Anicorn don’t think so. In fact, they set out to prove there is a better way to tell time, spent years developing it, and then placed it inside a stylish, contemporary watch that is certain to have everyone complimenting on your timepiece.

Anicorn watches feature an innovative three-disc timekeeping system powered by Miyota 21-jewel automatic movements. The outer disc functions as the outer hand, while the middle disc takes the place of the minute hand. Lastly, a spinning coloured inner disc ticks away the seconds to complete the design. Each number featured on the face has been carefully designed with a sleek minimalistic typeface that enhances the overall aesthetic of the timepiece. All Anicorn watches feature premium genuine cow skin leather bands and stainless steel watch cases to ensure durability. With this up-and-coming micro brand’s careful attention to form and function, you get a timepiece that is built to last and guaranteed to impress.

William L. 1985 diver wristporn

Inspired by a watch that was given to the creator by his great grand uncle, the Microbrand William L. 1985 watches were born. The watch he inherited was from the 1950s and the vintage style caught the eye of everyone he knew. What they didn’t like, however, was the price, and it was this that caused the creator of William L. 1985 watches to bring the company to life; he wanted to provide a vintage style watch that anyone could afford.

The case of William L. 1985 watches is made out of durable 316L stainless steel. These cases come in polished silver tones, gold, and black colors. The dials vary from watch to watch but come in neutral colors as well. The cases measure 40 millimeters in diameter and are large and viewable. Atop the dials of these watches is an ultra-resistant domed mineral glass. This glass is able to fight back against scratches and dents. It has also been given an anti-reflective coating that ensures it is easy to read in any light setting, day or night. This is furthered by the luminova treatment that the watch hands have been given. Inside, there is a Japanese Miyota 6S21 quartz movement that accurately and reliably keeps the time. There are different kinds of straps depending on the watches.

ventus wristporn

The Microbrand Ventus Watches were created by two friends, Shane and Elshan. This brand was built under the idea of creating classic yet affordable timepieces with a modern twist. These two friends are both passionate about timepieces and one of them has even had several involvement with other successful Kickstarter watch projects. Together, they have created three different watch models and collections: the Mori Diver, the Caspian and the Black Kite.

These watches come with cases that are made out of dark wood carbon fiber and measure around 42 millimeters in size. The case is also 13.5 millimeters thick and has an inner steel structure, making it a thick, weighty watch that you will definitely feel on your wrist. It weighs 63 grams without its strap. Protecting the intricate dials that come in a few different colors, there is a hard and resilient sapphire crystal glass. This sapphire crystal is excellent for protecting the dial from any sort of nicks or scratches. Its domed design has an inner anti reflective coating that makes it easy to see the time any time of day or night. It uses a Seiko NH35 Automatic Movement that keeps the time with dependability and precision.

Dan Henry watches wristporn

The Microbrand Dan Henry watches was created with your sense of originality in mind. Through their timepieces, you can show off your true sense of individuality and style in a brand new and subtle way. Unique to only you, these timepieces vary greatly in style, offering you a wide selection of timepieces that are able to speak to who you are as a person. Whether you like vibrant, colorful watches, muted and subtle timepieces or pieces that are rich in elegance and sophistication, you can find them through Dan Henry.

Dan Henry uses only the highest quality materials in the manufacturing of their resilient, stylish timepieces. The watchmaker utilizes the durability and stableness of stainless steel 316L in the creation of the cases of their timepieces with sapphire coated glass that protects the dial from any sort of scratching or similar damages. The movements range from a number of reliable mechanisms, from Automatic Seiko Caliber NH35 with 24 jewels movements to the popular Japanese Miyota 6S20 quartz movements that are so well-loved. Straps range from NATO to leather and everything that can be found in between to ensure a watch that you will love to wear.

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