I got to try the Samsung Galaxy smartwatch for a week now and here is my reflection. Going into this, I must say that I was both skeptical about wearing a smartwatch and a bit scared, that I actually might love it and never wear a mechanical wristwatch ever again. Or having to be that guy who double wrists, a smartwatch on one side and a mechanical on the other, just to say I am into tech but still a real watch guy… I never wanted to be that guy.

In the beginning when smartwatches where nothing more than a glorified digital watch with a pulse monitor, I didn’t feel the urge to try one. But now that the functionality, apps, and screens have improved, smartwatches have a strong value proposition. They also make you reflect on what a watch actually is or should be.

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Generally, I like the galaxy more than the apple watch, basically because it looks more than a “real watch”. And when I was offered to borrow one, I thought it would be a great opportunity to stick a toe in the water and give it a try. I committed to wearing it every day for a week to give it a real shot. So I put my daily watch, a GMT-Master II 16710 on the bench for a week. My first impression was that the watch was really easy to set up and quite intuitive to navigate through the menu and the preinstalled apps. But then came the first notifications, lots of them… The constant vibration on my left arm made it really hard to concentrate on work and I felt I got ADHD from wearing it. To be honest I was quite tempted to throw in the towel on the first day and say I am too old for this shit. I wanted a manual wind for the rest of the week to ease my mind. But then I turned off the alerts except for the activity reminder and notifications for calls and texts and continued with wearing my now a bit more silent smartwatch. Turns out this was the right move. For the rest of the day, I could continue working normally. I even accepted a couple of calls on the watch as I was wearing my wireless headphones. Not that it would have taken much longer on the phone but it worked seamlessly. I then got a reminder to stretch my feet, which was probably a good call as I tend to sit still in front of the computer for way too long. Overall I feel like I have been more active this week, which I can definitely can credit the watch. Having become a dad, two months ago I was also curious to see how my sleep pattern is. So I left the watch on and went to bed. However, I never sleep with a watch on and it felt a bit awkward. Especially as the galaxy is rather large and over the cause of a week I only bothered to wear it once. It’s not like I can do anything with the information. Yes I know I should sleep more but tell that to the baby.

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The possibility to control music and podcasts came quite handy while pushing the stroller in the rain and my phone tugged away in my jacket. Another feature I liked is being able to track my heart rate and at the same time using it to control music while working out. Hence I could just put my phone next to my drinking bottle.

However, the biggest drawback for me is the aesthetic of the watch and the fact that it’s a device and not a watch. So writing this on the last day with the galaxy at midnight ( yes instead of sleeping) I am looking forward to wearing my beloved pepsi again tomorrow.

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