WRISTPORN® is run by Mick and Sebastian. We are two watch enthusiasts and cousins. Our taste in watches is very different but we both share the same passion. Our different taste is reflected in the variation of different WRISTPORN® on this page and we believe that’s what gives it an edge. This website is not supposed to be the bible of horology; you should take it as an inspiration to what to put on your wrist. In addition to our own collection, we publish pictures submitted by our readers and write articles about watches we personally enjoy and conduct interviews with brands that we are passionate about.

If you want to contribute as a guest blogger, don´t hesitate to contact us. Last but not least we would like to thank all of our readers and followers, your support is very much appreciated!


Mick: His first watch was a see-through Swatch. He was so impressed with the mechanics, that he spent more time looking at the back than the dial, this might still be the reason he is still always late. Mick is from Copenhagen where he also graduated from his business studies but is now living in Berlin. Professionally Mick has been working the last 6 years with Business Development, Online Marketing, and e-commerce. At WRISTPORN™, Mick creates web and social media content and works with marketing as well as business development. Connect with Mick on LinkedIn



Sebastian: His obsession with watches started as a kid when he refused to start kindergarten, without a proper watch on his wrist. His first watch might have been a candy version, but this was the beginning of a passion. He was sporting a badass Space Shuttle, Flik Flak, long before he could actually read the time.
Born in Berlin, Sebastian has lived in New York, Copenhagen, and is currently living in Oslo. Sebastian has a background in Business Administration and Economics from Copenhagen Business School and has worked with Project Management and Digital Business Development in Fintech and Telco. Sebastian sees WRISTPORN™ as an outlet for his passion. Sebastian handles web and social media content and cooperations. Connect with Sebastian on LinkedIn