Many watchmakers of modern times are concerned with manufacturing the latest and greatest; they desire to create memorable timepieces that serve to revolutionize the way watches have always been made. In the case of Nodamic Empires Watches by Amir, the understanding is that a watch does not have to be flashy and new for it to make a memorable impression. Inspired by centuries-old nomadic cultures, these timepieces take their cues from nomadic traditions and aim to reignite the desire for watches to be passed on endlessly from father to son.

The tradition they hope to keep alive lies in the Shanyrak, a nomadic symbol that captures one’s heritage and place of origin. These Shanyrak symbols were passed down through generations of families, a testament to the culture and heritage unique to each surname. In modern times, Nomadic Watches wants to keep that tradition going by instituting a Shanyrak symbol into a watch that can be passed from family member to family member for years to come.

The watches in the Nomadic Empires collection all boast a comfortable 42-millimeter case, each watch varying between case materials such as rose gold, matte black and silver titanium. Regardless of its exterior, every case features a self-winding, Miyota 8n24 automatic skeleton movement that is incredibly reliable and minimalistic. The face of each watch displays an intricate design that encourages the wearer to take time out of their day to enjoy the features and study the timepiece, allowing them to become present in the moment as they read the time. The watch face is protected by a sapphire crystal glass dome with anti-reflective properties.

The release of the Nomadic Empires Watches is planned for March 10th, 2017 on Kickstarter. To be sure you don’t miss out on the fantastic early bird deals we recommend that you sign up to the newsletter.

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