Beginning with a true passion for the creation for watches, Armare Watches came about from the mind of the creator who, at a young age, developed a love for creating watches in his free time after having been gifted a transparent watch from Switzerland. Unable to bring to life the true vision of what was desired with the limited supplies that were available, Armare Watches were born.

Armare timepieces are different from other timepieces in the way that they are inspired by the natural world; more specifically, by the Fibonacci sequence, often called the golden ratio. This shows in the way that their timepieces use the symmetrical, clean lines that they do, forming the unique Armare patterning. The Armare Watches feature classic designs inside of a minimalistic silhouette, letting the details speak for themselves in these watches that are perfect for traditional and modern watch wearers alike.

The first Armare Watches collection features four beautiful models that use 316L stainless steel cases ranging from 28 millimeters to 41 millimeters in diameter. Atop these cases rests sapphire crystal glass that can resist both scratching and glaring, and inside, there are Swiss-made movements that are reliable and accurate. The watches are finished off with hand polished and applied markers on a ceramic dial.

The Armare Watches will be released as exclusive limited editions each year and are expected to go for 265$ to $1,000. These watches feature a two-year warranty and boast 10 years of battery life to enjoy for years to come.

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