Created by two watch enthusiasts and long-time friends, Ballardier was started after the two creators backed a watch being crowdfunded online, only to find that the overall experience of crowdfunding a watch and owning the watch were less than appealing. The two men waited to receive their watches that were delayed and delayed in production, and then once the watches were finally received, they were nothing like the watches on the project page. Thus was born Ballardier, a collection of watches that were created the old-fashioned way to eliminate the same issues for their customers: raising the money from private investors.

Ballardier watches are made with distinct European design tactics, bringing together simplistic, minimalist designs with world-class craftsmanship to create luxury watches that are totally affordable. These watches are crafted using 100 percent stainless steel and given finishes that range from black to brushed silver. The incredibly simple and minimalistic dials are all protected by durable, scratch-resistant glass. Straps range from genuine leather to 100 percent stainless steel depending on the watch.

Ballardier watches are currently available on their website. The Ballardier come in two different series and are available at prices between $110 and $155 depending on the selection that is chosen. The watches all come with free shipping worldwide if you are willing to wait seven to 14 days for their arrival. Also available is two- to four-day expedited shipping for only an extra $14.

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