6 Reasons to buy an Automatic Watch

6 Reasons to buy an Automatic Watch

Wristwatches come in all shapes and forms, and the way people wear wristwatches has changed over the decades quite substantially. Originally, the wristwatch was made as a crucial tool for survival or performance. In war, the timing was everything, and equally so, for example, for professional divers who used wristwatches to keep track of the time they had spent underwater. Wristwatches were, back in the days, absolutely crucial for many different industries and professions.

Of course, plenty of things have changed since that. And today, there is a contrast between those who wear wristwatches and those who don’t. As things like the iPhone have found their way into our daily lives, it’s easy to understand why many people nowadays choose not to wear a watch. After all, you can now the time by simply looking at your phone.

But as a matter of fact, watches are so much more than just a means of telling the time. In particular automatic watches.

Despite the fact that we have easy access to telling the time almost anywhere we are without wearing a watch, there are plenty of good reasons to buy an Automatic watch. And that’s exactly what we will look at in this article.

What is an automatic watch?

Let’s start with the basics. An automatic watch is a watch with a mechanical movement that is equipped with a rotor. When the wrist (and watch) moves, the rotor starts to rotate, which in turn winds the mainspring and thus generates energy to the movement. Automatic watches are often called ”Self-winding”, due to the fact that the movement winds itself. The mainspring is the part in a mechanical movement that stores the energy, and with an automatic watch, you don’t have to wind this mainspring manually. The mainspring thereby works as a mechanical equivalent to a battery in a quartz watch.

Watches with automatic movements are far more popular today than those with manual movements. An important reason for this is of course their practicality and convenience.

Top Reasons to buy an automatic watch

1. They are convenient and practical

An automatic watch is both convenient and practical. Since these watches are not dependent on batteries, the issue of running out of power doesn’t exist in the same way as with a batter-powered watch. With that said, they are very convenient and a contrast to all of the other digital items in your possession that you frequently have to charge. If your phone runs out of power you need to charge it. If your automatic watch runs out of power, you can simply wind it (if it has a manual-winding function), or simply start wearing it.

Automatic watches can last for a long time (more on that later), and therefore, they are practical to take with you regardless of where you are going. Let’s say, for example, that your phone has run out of battery. On these occasions, it can be very useful to have an automatic watch on your wrist that continues to tick, helping you keep track of the time.

2. Appreciation for craftsmanship

There are reasons why automatic and mechanical watches are so popular and have a large following amongst watch nerds and enthusiasts. Most people who are not familiar with automatic watches are not aware of the craftsmanship that goes into developing and assembling an automatic movement. Depending on the movement, an automatic movement can consist of hundreds of small, delicate parts. And when you understand just how much research and development goes into making an automatic movement, as well as how it is assembled, you’ll be able to appreciate it much more.

If you haven’t really paid attention to automatic and mechanical movements earlier, a great starting point is learning more about the inner workings of an automatic watch. This will allow you to appreciate your watch more since you know the care and hard work that is behind making it.

Something that we hear often from individuals who aren’t into watches is ”why should I pay more for an automatic watch when I can get a quartz watch for much less?”. And one of the reasons is that in general, quartz movements do not have the same level of craftsmanship as an automatic movement.

Yes, they both serve the same purpose, but it’s also about how you do something. Knowing that automatic movements are much more complicated and understanding just how much has gone into your watch is naturally something that will make you appreciate value it even more.

Furthermore, it is not only you that will be able to appreciate the craftsmanship when wearing it. In fact, wearing an automatic is a form of self-expression that allows you to emphasize your personality and the fact that you appreciate quality. This brings us to the next point.

3. Express your personality

Wearing an automatic watch tells a lot about yourself as a person. In fact, there can be a big difference in what your watch says about you if you have a basic quartz watch compared to having a nice automatic watch.

First things first, it shows that you appreciate quality and craftsmanship. A nice automatic timepiece with great attention to detail will therefore perfectly complement your style and allow you to express yourself.

Think about what you want your watch to say about you, and in asking that question, you’ll likely come to the conclusion that an automatic watch is the way to go.

The good news is that there are countless automatic watches on the market to choose from. With that said it is not just about getting an automatic watch, but also getting an automatic watch that matches your style and personality. Try to find a watch that does all of these things.

4. They last for generations

All mechanical constructions and pieces of craftsmanship of course require occasional maintenance to function properly. But if taken care of, automatic watches can last for generations. With that said, whilst your iPhone will be replaced after just a few years, your automatic watch will work as a trusted companion that will continue to tick for years. In a way, this is a very refreshing contrast to society’s norm in general, which is that we tend to replace items at a much more rapid pace instead of repairing and keeping. And items you own for longer naturally tend to be of higher quality, and these are items you’ll also value more.

With this in mind, when you have already changed and replaced numerous phones of yours, you will still have your automatic watch, full of memories as it has followed you for years.

It’s truly special to have something that can last for years and years and that you are able to pass on as an heirloom. Think about the history an automatic watch that has followed you through all of life’s events will carry. You’ll be able to tell stories to your kids or grandkids about how and when you wore that watch during some of life’s important events. There is something truly special about this that makes the appreciation for the object extend so much further than just appreciating it for what it is as an item.

In addition, passing on an automatic watch that can be worn is a lot more fun than passing down silverware or a vase, for example. Since automatic watches are worn, the heirloom can work as a reminder of you and the history it carries, every single time the wearer glances down at the wrist.

5. The seconds hands sweeps

Another thing that people appreciate about automatic watches compared to quartz watches is that the seconds hand sweets rather than ticks.

Quartz watches beat one tick per second but automatic movements are mechanical and therefore ticks many times per second. As a result, the seconds hand gets a sweeping motion rather than ticking. Many people appreciate the sweeping motion compared to the ticking, and we would have to agree that it does look better.

6. The vast majority of modern luxury watches are automatic

If you’re looking for high-quality, premium watches and have been exploring what’s out there, you’ve probably found that the vast majority of these watches are automatic.

The fact of the matter is that the vast majority of the most famous luxury watch brands in the world primarily make automatic watches. For example, Rolex exclusively makes automatic watches, almost all watches that Omega makes are automatic, and so on.

This should tell you something about the benefit of using automatic movements. These two brands and many more simply see that the pros of automatic movements greatly outweigh the pros of other movements from a durability standpoint, practicality standpoint, and from many other aspects as well.

One reason, when we are talking quartz movements, is that quartz watches are generally perceived as affordable (with some exceptions), and therefore, quartz movements do not go together very well with the image of luxury watches. In addition, manual watches do have some benefits, but the main downside is that you consistently have to wind it manually (and remember to do so), otherwise, it will stop. With an automatic watch, you simply have to wear it and then not have to think about its power reserve.


The main three movement types used today are automatic, manual, and quartz. Each type of watch movement have their own sets of benefits, but in today’s luxury watch market, the most used movement is automatic movements. When it comes to affordable watches, quartz is most commonly used, but the good news is that if you are looking for an automatic watch, they are available in all kinds of different price ranges. From less than 100 euros to thousands and even hundreds of thousands of euros. With that said, there really is an automatic watch for everyone.

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