How many Parts are there in a Rolex Submariner?

How many Parts are there in a Rolex Submariner?

A topic that is often discussed, but one that seems to have limited information shared about it is how many parts a Rolex contains. It’s no secret that Rolex watches are a complex mechanism that requires a great deal of craftsmanship to create. This is true for essentially all Rolex watches. So how many parts does the Rolex Submariner 126610LN consist of? That’s what we will look closer at in this article.

The latest Rolex Submariner 126610LN (Submariner Date) is powered by the Rolex Caliber 3235. This is Rolex’s latest generation caliber that replaced the caliber 3135.

Rolex Submariner 126610LN caliber 3235 parts and construction

The caliber 3235 consists of a total of 201 parts. The parts of the movement are as follows:

  • Crystal jewel with straight hole (small)
  • Crystal jewel with straight hole (large)
  • Ratchet-driving wheel
  • Cylindrical-head screw
  • Intermediate automatic-module wheel
  • Click wheel and reverser
  • Screw m.18
  • Oscillating weight
  • Tapped post (Small)
  • Tapped post (large)
  • Lower automatic bridge
  • Upper automatic bridge
  • Date jumper
  • Calendar ring
  • Cylindrical head screws
  • Calendar wheel
  • Winding stem
  • Winding pinion
  • Sliding pinion
  • Setting lever
  • Setting lever support spring
  • Yoke
  • Setting wheel core
  • Setting wheel
  • Minute wheel
  • Cylindrical head-screw
  • Cylindrical head-screw small
  • Calendar cam bridge
  • Setting lever spring
  • Hour wheel
  • Calendar driving wheel
  • Cam yoke
  • Intermediate corrector wheel
  • Date corrector yoke
  • Tapped post
  • Special jewel
  • In-setting spring
  • Cap jewel
  • Crystal with olive-hole
  • Friction spring
  • Crystal with straight hole
  • Special jewel
  • Shock absorber up
  • Barrel bridge
  • Pallet bridge
  • Balance bridge
  • Centre wheel bridge
  • Crown wheel
  • Intermediate crown wheel
  • Sliding gear yoke
  • Crown wheel-retaining ring
  • Balance stop spring
  • Rachet wheel click 
  • Ratchet click spring
  • Ratchet wheel
  • Barrel
  • Centre wheel
  • Small third wheel
  • Escape wheel
  • Pallet fork
  • Roller
  • Balance staff
  • Parachrom oscillator
  • Stud support
  • Cylindrical-head screw small
  • Cylindrical-head screw large
  • Nut with fine thread pitch
  • train wheel bridge
  • Cannon pinion
  • Seconds wheel
  • In-setting spring
  • Cap jewel
  • In-setting

Note that the 3235 uses multiple of the same part, such as the screws and jewels.

Rolex Submariner 126610LN case parts and construction

The Rolex Submariner 126610LN consists of the following parts:

  • 1x Case middle part with tube
  • 2x Flat clamp
  • 2x Cylindrical-head screw
  • 2x double-flanged spring bars
  • 1x Anti-reflective sapphire crystal
  • 1x crystal gasket
  • 1x O-ring gasket
  • 1x case back
  • 1x bezel
  • 1x bezel ring
  • 1x ceramic 60 min bezel insert
  • 1x block & spring click
  • 3x helical spring
  • 1x Ring ti
  • 1x bezel ring st
  • 1x luminous pip on ceramic bezel
  • 1x crown
  • 5x O-ring gasket for the crown
  • 1x crown tube
  • 1x dial
  • 1x date indicator
  • 1x hour and minute hand
  • 1x seconds hand

The case of the Rolex Submariner has a total of 29 parts.

Rolex Submariner 126610LN bracelet parts and construction

  • 14 parts for the Glidelock clasp alone
  • 12 parts for the rest of the bracelet

The Rolex Submariner bracelet with part number 97JB00, therefore, has 26 parts in total including screws/spring bars etc.

  • The parts are the following:
  • 1x snap-fit mechanism
  • 1x double-flanged spring bar
  • 1x safety catch with 3x spring bars
  • 1x slidable link with 2x screws
  • 1x clasp blade with 6x screws and spring bars
  • 1x 4 link assembly
  • 1x 3 link assembly
  • 4x extension links with 5x screws
  • 1x half extension link
  • 2x plates

The case and bracelet alone have a total of parts. But the movement is always the thing that contains the most parts.

How many parts does the Rolex Submariner 126610LN consist of?

In total, the 126610LN consists of 201 parts for the movement+ 26 parts for the bracelet+29 parts for the case =256 parts. 

For a hand-made advanced and complicated luxury watch, the number of parts goes to show just how complex a Rolex watch is, and the intricate craftsmanship and attention to detail that is required in order to create a perfectly functioning machine where each and every single part works together in perfect harmony.

If you consider the fact that a Rolex watch consists of hundreds of parts, it is even more impressive how they can achieve such great accuracy and continue to tick year after year. It also creates greater respect for the complexity of assembling and disassembling the movement. If you keep this in mind, the cost of servicing your Rolex doesn’t seem too bad.

How many parts does a Rolex with consist of?

According to Rolex, all of their modern timepieces consist of ”220 or more parts”. Naturally, the more complex the watch and movement, the more parts it will use. The Sky-Dweller, for instance, has both a ring-command bezel that is integrated with the movement, which is a greatly complex mechanism. In addition to this, it has Rolex’s most complicated movement with a bunch of different functions, which adds to the number of parts being used.

Can you buy Rolex watch parts separately?

The short answer to that question is no. Rolex has become stricter and stricter over the years and limited the ability to buy parts very heavily. This is to control the secondhand watch market and to enforce that only Rolex authorized service centers and watchmakers work on Rolex watches. 

There are some online stores and places where you can buy Rolex watches and movement parts, but it can still be difficult to find certain parts. eBay and Chrono24 are two places where you can find some Rolex parts. Otherwise, if you need to repair your watch and cannot get a hold of the necessary parts, your best bet is to get help from an official Rolex service center/AD as they are able to order all the parts necessary for the repair directly from Rolex.

How many parts are there in a Rolex movement?

As mentioned, a Rolex watch consists of at least 220 parts. And as you have seen above, the majority of those parts relate to the movement. This doesn’t exactly come as a surprise considering the great complexity of a mechanical movement. Depending on the movement, a Rolex movement usually contains around 200 parts. More complex movements with more functions like a chronograph, GMT, or an annual calendar naturally requires more components. The Sky-Dweller that uses caliber 9001, for example, is Rolex’s most complicated movement and consists of a staggering 380 components. The increased number of parts in a movement partially explains the increase in price of these more advanced timepieces.

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