How to Contact Rolex - Rolex contact details

How to Contact Rolex - Rolex contact details

Rolex is a company that does things differently from many other companies.

Something that most people don’t think about is that Rolex is almost exclusively a B2B company - and their customers are the official Rolex retailers. Whilst many other luxury watch brands have slowly but surely started to transition to direct-to-consumer sales (like Audemars Piguet and Breitling), Rolex does not seem to have such a strategy in place.

Whilst working direct-to-consumer as a manufacturer comes with many benefits, it also comes with many challenges. The margins are - at least in theory - higher since you don’t have a middle man (the AD), but you instead have increased risk, liability, and management, with stores, customer contacts, more employees, and everything that comes with it.

Rolex’s strategy has more or less from the start been to operate as a B2B company, and it doesn’t seem like this is changing anytime soon. The customers are kept at an arms-length with the Rolex ADs taking care of the customer contacts, customer support, and the direct sales.

As a result of this, contacting Rolex is considerably more difficult than it is with most other companies. On the first hand, Rolex wishes that all customers contact its Rolex retailers, who are meant to be representatives of the brand. But if you are looking for ways to contact Rolex directly, and don’t want to speak to a Rolex AD for various reasons, you have come to the right place.

In this article, we have compiled Rolex’s different contact details so you can reach out to them directly.

Worth noting, however, is that since Rolex is primarily not a B2B company, they don’t have the same kind of customer support infrastructure in place as many other companies. Rolex’s support infrastructure is primarily focused on assisting their partners - the Rolex ADs. Therefore, you may not always receive a response. But in general, Rolex tries to reply to all inquiries - even though it can take some time. But it also depends on how you contact them.

How to contact Rolex directly

Rolex mailing address

You can send letters to Rolex’s address:

3-5-7 rue François-Dussaud
1211 Geneva 26

If you wish to send a letter to Rolex USA head office, you can use the following address:

Rolex Watch USA Inc
665 Fifth Avenue,
New York

United States

Rolex UK head office (not sales)

St James's Square 19

SW1Y 4JE London

United Kingdom

Email Rolex - How do I send an email to Rolex?

For privacy-related inquiries:

Note that Rolex only responds to inquiries concerning data protection. They ask you to send any communications in either English or French.

Personal Data Supervisor: Mr. Xavier Braun

Marketing Manager:

Marketing Manager:

Rolex UK head office:

General manager Rolex Brasil: 

Chief information officer: 

Call Rolex

For privacy-related inquiries, call: +4122 302 22 00
Note that Rolex only responds to inquiries concerning data protection. They ask you to send any communications in either English or French.

Rolex Customer Service
Australia: +61 3 9654 3988
Canada: 1 416 968 1100
France: +33 1 44 29 01 50
Germany: +49 221/ 1650 0
Hong Kong: +852 2249 8888
India: +91 22 6625 3600
Singapore: +65 6737 9033
South Africa: +27 11 784 9230
Spain: +34 91 426 49 00
Switzerland: +41 22 302 22 00
UK: +44 20 7024 7300
Rolex costumer service USA: +1 212 758 7700

+33 6 85 71 86 26

Rolex UK head office: 01732 752400

Rolex customer service Switzerland: +41223022200

Contact Rolex official retailers

If you wish to contact an official Rolex retailer, you can refer to the list of ALL Rolex retailers here:

There, you can filter and find ALL Rolex retailers and their respective contact information. In the first hand, you should always contact an official Rolex retailer first before attempting to contact Rolex directly. You can contact them with questions about availability, models, specifications, details, service inquiries, repairs, pricing, and more.

Contact Rolex via social media

Rolex is active on multiple social media platforms. Whilst Rolex primarily does not use social media platforms for customer support, you can try to reach out to them on any of the social media platforms as they do respond to some inquiries. Note that Rolex very rarely responds to comments on its posts due to the sheer volume they receive. The best chance of getting a reply from them is therefore to send a private message.


You can send a private message to Rolex on Facebook.


YouTube only allows comments but Rolex normally never responds to comments on YouTube which is why it is not the ideal platform to use.


You can send Direct Messages (DM) to Rolex’s Instagram profile.


You can mention Rolex in a Tweet, and you may be lucky to get a reply. But in general, since this is a public reply, Rolex does normally not reply to comments or inquiries publicly.


You can try reaching out to Rolex via Pinterest.


LinkedIn is another social platform that Rolex is active on. You can use Linkedin’s private messaging tool to reach out.

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