Introducing: Charlie Paris 100 % independent & Made in France

Introducing: Charlie Paris 100 % independent & Made in France

France has always been the cradle of watchmaking, in pioneering regions such as Besançon, around 1867. Today, even though other countries such as Switzerland demonstrate flawless know-how and a huge influence on the watchmaking industry, France remains a country historically attached to watchmaking know-how.

Of course, the renowned brands that are well established on the market have no secrets for anyone. But if you look hard enough, you will find young brands with unique concepts emerging and growing. While some of these new brands seek to break the codes and introduce innovative ideas, others prefer to offer watches with a traditional and classic design, just like the French watches of yesteryear.

And then we find young brands with a classic and elegant style, but with edgy touches of modernity. Among them, we have found THE it-brand in Paris, with its sublime Made in France watches: Charlie Paris.

Founded in 2014 by two childhood friends passionate about watches, Ambroise and Adrien, the young watch house has established itself as a trendy and accessible watch brand, to the delight of Parisians.

With its unique boutique located in the 6th arrondissement, Charlie Paris proudly states to be a 100% independent Made in France company with a family spirit. The goal is to offer exactly the products that the brand wants to offer: quality watches, at a fair price and with an elegant and impeccable design.

With a wide range of women's and men's watches with quartz and automatic movements, Charlie Paris sells watches designed and assembled in France. Fully transparent about their production process, Charlie Paris is proud to say that some components come from foreign partners that they trust. For example, the majority of their movements come from the internationally recognized Japanese manufacturer Citizen Miyota.

We were seduced by the wide range of automatic watches offered by the young company.

But our favorite watch from Charlie Paris is the Initial Open Heart for men: available in three dial colors (white, blue, and green), we like its casual refinement, its visible mechanism, and its modern yet elegant design.

The watch is designed and assembled in France and is equipped with the Citizen Miyota 82S7 Caliber automatic movement. This is considered a top-of-the-line movement by the Japanese manufacturer, as it offers high precision and unmatched robustness. With a power reserve of 40 hours, the wheels of this watch guarantee the appearance of a jewel on your wrist that will accompany you for many years. The case of the Initial Open heart measures 40 millimeters and is 13 millimeters thick.

We are captivated by the beauty of the mechanism, which we can see in action on the open-worked dial as well as on the case back of the watch.

The Initial Open Heart offers a masculine and assertive size and design. This watch is surely the one that is most in line with the values of the young brand: a refined timepiece, a charming reference to French heritage, and a sustainable product. This watch offers freshness to the very traditional watchmaking sector, which can sometimes seem too stuck in the past.

The Initial automatic open heart is priced at 395€ on the Charlie Paris website.

For such high-quality products, the Made in France savoir-faire and with this sublime design, we can salute the excellent price-quality ratio of the Maison, which has seduced many watch lovers.

So for a Frenchie chic style with an excellent quality watch, don't hesitate and choose Charlie Paris!

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