Introducing the Méraud Antigua

Introducing the Méraud Antigua

After three years of buildup, the Méraud Antigua timepiece has finally been released. This highly anticipated watch was released in a limited edition of only 200 pieces, making it a rare and coveted piece by watch collectors. What makes the Méraud Antigua so unique is the fact that it was inspired by antique chronograph designs–more specifically, the Landeron 248 caliber timepiece.

The style of the Méraud Antigua takes inspiration from classic regatta races wherein boats competed with one another in the water. The name of the watch gives a nod to the Antigua Classic Regatta and features yacht-themed details. This includes the subdial found at the 3 position, which can be used to time the start of a yacht race, much like yacht crews do. Such a unique dial allows boats to get up to speed before the starting line, which is unique to this type of race and therefore requires an equally as unique start timer such as this. 

Méraud Antigua 3-min

The Méraud Antigua is also built to withstand the oft-demanding nature of time out on the open sea, reflecting the intense physical demands that come with managing a racing boat. Such characteristics are reflected in its hardwearing, durable materials and waterproof nature, which protects the timepiece as deeply as 100 meters below sea level.

The designer and founder of the watch, Stijn Busschaert, wanted to create a timepiece that reflected both the history of watchmaking and his own love for the sea. The careful attention to detail across the timepiece definitely shows what a passion project the Méraud Antigua was for the creator. 

Méraud Antigua 4-min

This is true down to the movement of the watch, with each one engraved with Méraud on its bridge. The see-through caseback allows this detail to be seen among the inner workings of the watch, adding to its visual intrigue. It features a sleek, thin profile with a short height of only 13.5 millimeters. The case itself measures 40 millimeters to clearly show the details of the watch while creating a nice presence on the wrist. Complete with a mesmerizing linear and circular brushed, high-polished finish, this timepiece is something to behold across the board.

Méraud Antigua 1-min

The Méraud Antigua features a leather strap that was crafted in close collaboration with Molequin. Molequin is a famous Belgian watch strap maker who has earned its place in the watchmaking industry with its reliable craftsmanship and top quality. This particular watch rests on a premium top-grain buffed nubuck strap and is available with another rubber strap to go with it. Collectors have the option of a steel bracelet that is easy to interchange using the drilled lug holes. 

Starting on the 7th of February, the Méraud Antigua was put up for pre-order. Collectors can expect to receive their delivery around August and September of 2023, leaving only a short waiting period in between. This Méraud Antigua retails for a price of EUR 1.750 excluding taxes, making it a steal when you consider the thought, craftsmanship and quality that has gone into creating it. Discover more on the Méraud website.

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