The Aventi A15 Wraith Saphite Paraiba surprises at Sotheby's auction

The Aventi A15 Wraith Saphite Paraiba surprises at Sotheby's auction

The prestigious Sotheby's auction, which took place in December 2022, was host to a variety of timepieces that are leading the trends in the industry. Over 150 high-end timepieces that were shown at the auction were given high valuations well above the expected minimum price, proving the immense interest of the public in fine timepieces. 

Among both the traditional and classical watches, there was a Maison timepiece that stood out and did exceptionally well: the Aventi A15 Wraith Saphite Paraiba. This timepiece is a beautiful combination of a Swiss tourbillon movement nestled inside a case fashioned out of Saphite, a proprietary material of the brand. This material is even more transparent than even sapphire crystal, finished with a gorgeous and delicate Paraiba light blue hue. 

This A15 Wraith Saphite Paraiba began with a base valuation of USD 25,000 and shot up as high as USD 70,000, which is nearly three times the minimum price. It was an unexpected turn of events that even the auction house itself had not anticipated. While it might be written off as an anomaly or one-time event, this does not appear to be the case; the appeal of lesser-known watches is becoming more and more apparent, with appraisals of such timepieces, usually made by independent boutiques, grabbing the public eye. 

It is supposed that this is a part of the snowball effect kicked off by the expansion of watchmaking across the globe. Outside of the traditional borders of Switzerland, which historically create some of the most coveted timepieces, places all across the globe are manufacturing their own one of a kind pieces. Watch enthusiasts everywhere are taking advantage of this, heading to market to locate original timepieces and find different proposals for them. 

These watch enthusiasts appear to be cutting through traditionalism in terms of buying and selling, breaking free from the traditional structure of Maison sales which, until now, has been quite rigid. Now, collectors are able to go outside of certified service centers and authorized dealers to find alternative sources of such prized timepieces, making them more readily available to those who want them. 

The success of the Aventi A15 Wraith Saphite Paraiba is proof that the market is there and is easily stimulated. As seen in the Grand Prix d'Horlogerie de Genève year after year, the world of watchmaking, including their collection, is diversifying over time. This is clear to see as watch enthusiasts see the Chinese company, CIGA Design, taking home their own prestigious awards for their timepieces in 2021 with their Blue Planet line. 

The power of consumers around the world continues to grow and expand, which empowers collectors in their purchases. It also helps them get more out of the companies they love, both in terms of purchasing watches and the excellence of the timepieces themselves. In turn, high-end watchmakers and lesser-known brands alike are changing to help redefine the world of watchmaking and make it more consumer-focused. In turn, smaller brands finally have a chance at getting the attention they deserve.

Aventi's polygonal case, an architecture for the wrist

A case that becomes a stylistic testament to the evolution of modern design. Aventi breaks traditional watchmaking patterns by reinventing a case that becomes a statement of shape and function. Not just form for its own sake of being different. The pentagonal silhouette, echoing the company's logo, stands as a quest for a style that connects the watch with the world of automobiles, suggesting an ideal affinity with the work of modern visionary designers like Chris Bangle, who has made challenging the traditional automobile design his habit, introducing the need to reflect the evolution of contemporary society without falling into the trap of one-size-fits-
all styles borrowed from the past. The taut, streamlined lines of Bangle's creations, who won the American Prize for Design in 2021, and his careful research into the complex structure of contemporary society have helped radically change the landscape of modern automobiles iconic shape, transforming them from objects to authentic moving architectural ambients. Not surprisingly, one of his inspirational models is archistar Frank Gehry.
In watchmaking, Aventi is taking the same path and expressing the same statement with its polygonal case, with sharp edges and bold angles, identical in shape throughout its production but always different, thanks to the careful search for the most innovative and exclusive materials,
often created directly by the Maison. Because our world is moving faster and faster, and what we wear on our wrists must keep up with it.

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