The Aventi AH15-01 Saphite Paraiba has unique technical solutions

The Aventi AH15-01 Saphite Paraiba has unique technical solutions

Over time, watchmaking has continued to evolve like any other sort of technology. What began as a simple way to tell the time has become a statement of style and personality and a chance to display the artistic aspects of the timepieces themselves. The Aventi AH15-01 Saphite Paraiba which we covered a couple of days ago in a press release is an example of this evolution. 

Take a close look at the Aventi AH15-01 Saphite Paraiba and see its unique technical solutions included inside a variety of cases, sitting at the intersection between form and function. One such case of the stylish innovation that this timepiece has to offer is its Saphite material. A proprietary material, Saphite is a crystalline material that has been embedded with glass, making it more resistant to daily wear than even the already famously durable sapphire crystal. 

Alongside its improved durability, Saphite also has a refractive index of 1.65 instead of 1.76, so it is less susceptible to optical deformation and far more transparent, allowing you to enjoy the appearance of the watch to the fullest. 

Saphite can also be colored in any number of hues, as evidenced by the way the Aventi AH15-01 Saphite Paraiba captures the rare color of tourmalines from Paraiba in Brazil. It is a hue that is otherwise nearly impossible to find elsewhere, replicated in this one of a kind timepiece. To make it look like a real jewel, it has 124 vertices and 92 faces, giving it that authentic appearance. 

The watch is housed within a Grade 5 titanium material that is resistant to damage and magnetic interference. Inside of the case is a GT-01S skeletonized movement crafted wholly out of black titanium, complete with bridges and plates with a perlage finish and millo polishing on all oblique surfaces of the anlage. Two hands crafted of sapphire crystal tick away the time on the pristine watch face. These thin, transparent hands boast a SuperLuminova BGW9 coating, making them easy to see in any light setting and giving them a unique finishing touch. 

Protecting the watch dial is sapphire crystal that is unique in its almost invisible nature. This is due to the special antireflective coating that lines the crystal with up to seven layers of this coating applied along the outer inner area of the watch and on the outer areas. All of this attaches to the wrist using a high quality, well-fitting strap that was produced in-house. 

The strap is crafted of premium FKM rubber, which is a durable, high-density compound featuring a specialized design that encourages breathability. Velvety lining on the inside provides a comfortable and smooth feel against the wrist. Titanium and steel butterfly clasp buckles, which are also made in-house, make it simple to put the watch on and take it off.

Watch collectors who value the experience of watching timepieces evolve over time are sure to be awed by the display that the Aventi AH15-01 Saphite Paraiba puts on just by existing. The exquisite timepiece makes a stunning addition to any collection.

Learn more about the Aventi AH15-01 Saphite Paraiba here

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