Crafted with a love for adventure and those who feel the same, the BOLDR Expedition Field Watch is a military-grade, tactical watch that takes its cues from the timepieces used in the Second World War. These watches are designed to be easy to read in any sort of environment so that they can be brought with you on any occasion.

The BOLDR Expedition Field Watches are timepieces made out of 316L stainless steel to ensure their durability and resiliency. These watches come with a case size of 41 millimeters to make them easy to read. Depending on the BOLDR Expedition Field Watch you want, you can obtain these watches in either black or silver tones. The BOLDR Expedition Field Watches measure 14.5 millimeters thick to provide a nice thickness and weight to them. These watches have Swiss superlume C3 & BGW9 on their markers and on their hands that make them easy to look at, at a glance. The dials are different by each watch. A double dome sapphire crystal glass protects the dials of the watch, which has been given an anti-reflective coating to make it simple to read the watch in any light. Inside of these watches is a Swiss Movement Sellita SW200-1 that keeps the time with reliability. BOLDR Expedition Field Watches have a water resistance up to 20 ATM.

BOLDR Expedition Field Watches has just launched on the crowdfunding website, Kickstarter. If you want to get more information about these watches or to understand more about the Kickstarter campaign, then go to the BOLDR Expedition Field Watch Kickstarter site.

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