Aiming to make improvements on their most stylish watches to bring to life one every bit as fashionable as it is sturdy, BOLDR is launching their new line of adventure timepieces, aptly named BOLDR Venture. The BOLDR Venture watches are crafted out of the highest quality, most durable materials without sacrificing their style, making for watches that can be worn on the street and then taken out into the wilderness wherever adventure takes you.

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BOLDR did something different with this watch by making their cases entirely out of titanium for the first time ever. This aerospace grade titanium is virtually indestructible and won’t show signs of wear and tear, no matter what sort of terrain you drag it through. The titanium is complemented by the equally as strong sapphire crystal glass that offers extreme scratch resistance, ensuring that no tumble into rocks or other scratches will show up on the watch or damage the dial.

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The straps are equally as durable, each made from ballistic nylon that is almost impossible to rip, keeping the timepiece on your wrist for the entire adventure without fail. The straps come in Adventure Khaki, Jungle Green and Carbon Black, each one with matching titanium loops and buckles to bring the durable nature of the watch from top to bottom.

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Even with all of these durable materials, the watch still manages to be impossibly lightweight and slim, making it more comfortable for long-term wear in the outdoors. BOLDR’s iconic angled lugs also provide a more comfortable fit against the wrist.

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Starting on October 1st, 2018, the BOLDR Venture watch will have their campaign launched. You can expect delivery of these watches by November 2018, making them the perfect choice for a Christmas gift. Once that campaign has started, you can get one of these BOLDR Venture watches during their month-long preorder at a price of only $99, or you can choose to snag them a bit later down the line for $169.

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