This is my WristTale- my name is Rahul I am from Pune, India. Harley Davidson has always been a  dream since I started riding at age of twelve way back in 1988, until I bought mine two years ago on my birthday 28 September 2011, immediately after Harley Davidson company was launched in India in 2010. Riding is my passion I LIVE TO RIDE AND RIDE TO LIVE. Equally I love to collect watches,  they are my weakness and passion. I buy a watch to celebrate every happy and successful occasion in my life that has touched my heart and which i want to cherish rest of my life. My watch reminds me of it every time I wear it.  I had bought Boluva 78A111 Harley edition to celebrate purchase of my dream ride Harley Davidson sportster 883. I wanted a watch that will compliment my bike and hence I started looking for it on the net until I found it on eBay and I grabbed it. It was difficult to search for an automatic or a manual watch which is my main criteria while buying a watch. I love the see through case backs and can spend hours looking at the mechanical movement of the watch. I am very proud of all my watches. Thanks for featuring my watch on WRISTPORN.

Regards Rahul

Story & Photo Credit RAHULSKADAM

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