Jacob JuulWRISTPORN: Who are the people behind BulBul?

I am the sole owner of Bulbul, but work closely with Danish design super-group KiBiSi

WRISTPORN: Why create a watch and not another product?

For a range of reasons, but mainly because I have a soft spot for watches and a passion for design. I wanted to combine the classic, traditional world of watches with modern, Scandinavian industrial design.

WRISTPORN: Where do you get your inspiration for the watches?

The first series, Pebble, is inspired by the smooth pebbles found on the beaches of the Danish seaside town where I grew up. We wanted a design that would stand out while still leaning towards the classics.

WRISTPORN: Do you design and manufacture the watches yourself, or did you partner up with someone?

We design the watches ourselves. Every single part of the Pebble watch, except for the movement, is designed and developed from scratch. The production is done through a handful of skilled manufacturing partners.

WRISTPORN: What is the plan for the future in terms of design and where do you want to take BulBul?

In terms of design we will continue to launch new collections in cooperation with handpicked Scandinavian Industrial designers. We want to gradually establish Bulbul as an international watch brand.

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