Do you remember your first watch, and how did your passion for watches start?
Luke: I always had gift and budget watches growing up. It wasn’t until graduate school, that I started looking into nicer timepieces. With no prior horological knowledge, I would scour the jewelry shops in the mall admiring the beauty of different timepieces. I really became attracted to seeing the movements; the marriage of its internal aesthetic to that of its external form. I studied mechanical engineering and industrial design, so naturally I am a huge fan of kinetic artwork which all watches are. My first memorable watch was my first mechanical watch, a Skeleton Bulova I had been eyeing for months and actually received as a graduation/first big boy job gift from my long-term girlfriend. This is when I realized watches represented much more.
Mark: I fell in love with watches when my wife gave me a Swiss Reconvilier watch on our wedding day. It’s a classic-looking watch and I wear it on almost a daily basis. … But I also have a small collection of about five [other] watches.

How was Chronos conceived?
Mark:I loved tracking my steps and my activity. I had the Nike Fuel Band, I had the Jawbone, the Fitbit — all of them — and I had all of them and I said: “Gosh, this doesn’t look good next to my watch, and I don’t want to replace my watch with this; isn’t there a way I could have both?” Afterwards, Chronos was conceived.

The Smart Disc claims to turn my watch to a smart watch, what exactly can I track with it?
The Chronos disc offers core smartwatch features to any timepiece it pairs with. It allows you to curate each specific notification coming from your smartphone. Each call, message, email, and other notification can be assigned a specific LED color. The vibration feedback is also customizable. Chronos also serves as a fitness tracker, accurately recording steps taken, distance traveled, and active calories burned per day.

Chronos Stills-0012

Does the Chronos smart disc work with every mechanical watch and smartphone?
Measuring in at 33mm diameter and 3mm thin, Chronos pairs well with a vast majority of watches, regardless of size. We felt as though those dimensions would serve as the perfect balance between an ultra-slim design and exceptional battery life. Also, the disc does not deliver any type of magnetic field; those sporting mechanical watches need not worry about Chronos interfering with their timepieces. We wanted to make certain that Chronos could pair with any and all types of watches.

Chronos will support iOS at launch, offering a hefty set of features and integration for third party apps. Also, our development team is tirelessly working on having Android fully compatible later this year.

Is there a danger that my watch will be damaged in any way?
As stated earlier, the disc does not produce any kind of magnetic field. And so, it is completely safe to pair Chronos with mechanical watches. Also, the microsuction material used to attach Chronos to the timepiece is made of a soft material that will not scratch the back casing of the watch.

Chronos Attach

Do you think mechanical watches and smart watches will co-exist in the future or do you foresee an upcoming crisis, like we have seen when Quartz watches entered the market?
The “Quartz Crisis” occurred when the technology proved to be a cost-effective approach to a similar product and market. By contrast, smartwatches (although very intriguing) do not pose the same threat. Their value proposition is vastly different.

Also, traditional timepieces hold much more intrinsic value, as opposed to its “smart” counterpart. Smartwatches strictly follow utilitarian design cues, aiming to be more of a communicative device.

There are a number of factors to consider when comparing traditional / mechanical watches to smartwatches.
Purpose for purchasing the product

  • As a chronometer / chronograph / timekeeper
  • As a piece of jewelry or accessory
  • As a new toy
  • As a gift
  • Level of efficiency, towards that purpose
  • Monetary value / depreciation of the item
  • Fashion / aesthetics
  • Intrinsic / personal value

Where do you see your company in 5 years?
I (Mark) imagine Chronos being the entry point for most individuals hesitant to adopt technology on their timepieces, adding the bare but essential points of connectivity on your wrist. With such a modular design cue, the sky’s the limit.

Where can i buy the Smart Disc and what does it cost?
Chronos is readily available for preorder at our website, for $99.99.


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