Watches have and always will do far more than just tell the time. Whether you are passing down watches from generation to generation or enjoy collecting vintage, historical watches, each timepiece has its own story to tell and is full of history. In the case of Circula Watches, that statement can be taken quite literally. The Circula Watches incorporate historic, NOS PUW movements into their inner workings, making them a true part of history that will live on and on, first on your wrist and then in the next generation to which you pass it down.

Circula Watches Founders
Founder Heinz Huber and his grandson Cornelius Huber

Every single one of the historical movements in the Circula Heritage Watches features individual parts that were each manufactured in the late 70s by PUW the Pforzheimer Uhren-Rohwerke company exclusively in Germany and almost exclusively in the city of Pforzheim. Because they did not have much in the way of brand or company reputation, eventually, it closed. However, in the year 2017, Cornelius Huber took over the Pforzheim-based brand that was founded by his grandfather Heinz Huber into his own hands. The movements in the Heritage models is old NOS movements making this collection very true to the same watches Circula build 1955, making them truly historic.

circula movment

The movements are just as precise as any modern movements, each one assembled by hand and painstakingly regulated before being encased safely inside of a high-quality stainless steel case. The dial of the watch is then protected by a sapphire crystal glass, which is resistant to any form of damage, including everything as subtle as scratches to more obvious nicks and dents. The dials that are being designed by Circula Watches are exclusive to the Heritage collection that utilizes these movements to truly make them one of a kind. The movements of these timepieces are built to last for lifetimes to come, and all of the spare parts secured from the original manufacturing plant are also refined to ensure their long life.

von huber & co pforzheim

As for the style of the Circula Watches, their aesthetic was taken from the iconic looks that came out of the 1950s when Circula was founded and the PUW the movements were first brought about in the Circula timepieces. The style is characterized by a beautifully domed sapphire crystal glass that features a modern, anti-reflective coating that makes it simple for you to read the time in bright, sunny settings.

If you are interested in owning a piece of history, it is as simple as visiting the Circula Watches website. Circula watches is also available at our partner WatchBandit.


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