Founded in the year 2013, D1 Milano is a young company specializing in the manufacturing of Italian watches. This company keeps things fresh with the help of its young 26-year-old CEP, Dario Spailone, who has a finger on the pulse of modern timepiece styles to ensure that all of the watches produced by D1 Milano are timely and with the trends. The watches produced by D1 Milano are iconic with their strong, recognizable shapes that make them a statement piece with any outfit. The attention to details placed on each timepiece is rivaled only by the consideration of the price in the way that they keep them low and affordable.

DI Milano_UTB01

D1 Milano offers four different watch collections, each with its own trademark looks: the Polycarbon Collection, Ultra Thin Classic Collection, Ultra Thin Bracelet Collection and the Mechanical Collection. The Polycarbon is characterized by a polycarbonate case with an 8.8-millimeter thickness, handsome black Luminova on the hands and an ultra soft touch for comfort. The Ultra Thin Classic is just as it sounds with a thickness of only six millimeters and stainless steel cases available in 38- or 40-millimeter sizes. The Ultra Thin Bracelet has a strong, yet thin stainless steel bracelet, while the Mechanical watch offers a unique skeleton exhibitionist window that shows the inner workings of the watch.

The D1 Milano comes at a price between $165 and $725 with most of the timepieces being at the lower end of the spectrum. All orders over $100 are met with free shipping to anywhere in the world.

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