With the success of the original Mitternacht and Stille Nacht timepieces from Defakto, it was clear to see that watch enthusiasts loved the design and appeal of the art watch style. With the Defakto Mitternacht, it becomes apparent that watches do not have to be designed for one sole purpose—instead, they deserve to be made every bit as artful and stylish as any other accessory in your wardrobe. That is exactly what the second edition of the Defakto Mitternacht has set out to do. This beautiful watch is back and more alluring than ever before with its classic, glittering background and modern minimalist style.

Defakto Mitternacht Daynight-min

One of the changes made to the Defakto Mitternacht is its fluorescent watch hands that light up beautifully against the darkness of the dial. The dial is matte black to make not only the hands of the watch but their glowing stars more prominent as well. Hand-drawn air-brushed star fields create the look of a glowing night sky, and with each dial being crafted by hand, it also ensures the unique and one-of-a-kind nature of each one. Protecting the dial is a sapphire crystal that not only helps prevent scratching but also offers an anti-reflective property to make the watch easy to read without glare from the environment.

Defakto Mitternacht front

The Defakto Mitternacht watches can be found on their website for a price of 350 euro. They are available with shipping to any part of the world.

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