Inspired by a group of friends, a love of art and a love of style, EINSTOFFEN is a watch brand that was born in Switzerland in the year 2008. A small group of four came together to bring to life their ideal watches, ones that work well with other accessories such as eyewear. Their passion led them to create watches that are crafted in a variety of materials and styles for everyone.

The EINSTOFFEN watches are available in both steel and wood, both of them able to be obtained depending on your sense of fashion. Regardless of material, each of the watches is equipped with a precision quartz or automatic movement from the traditional Swiss watchmaker Ronda. Covering each of the watch dials is a sapphire crystal glass. This sapphire crystal glass is strong and durable, able to resist any sort of impact damage that they come across such as nicks or scratches. These watches also have a water resistance rating of up to 5 ATM. Completing these watches are quick change watch straps that give you the versatility of choice on a whim.

At the time of writing, EINSTOFFEN is crowdsourcing their watches on the crowdfunding website, Kickstarter. Currently, EINSTOFFEN has hit reached its goal of 25,278 by raising a total of $66,647 with 10 days to go in the campaign. You can come into ownership of your own EINSTOFFEN watch once the campaign has ended by pledging a minimum of $121.