If you have ever wished that you could be the designer of your own watch but do not possess the know-how to get it done, Eldon Watches may be the answer to your dilemma. The line of modular watches lets you create your own watch from the unique combinations they offer, including the bezel, case, dial and strap. Where other timepiece makers only offer a fixed selection of watches, with Eldon Watches, you are in charge of the final product. Many bespoke watches come at an exorbitant price, but these timepieces are certainly affordable.

Each Eldon Watch features a reliable Swiss movement that unifies the design, and they differ from one another when it comes it comes to the aesthetics. You can choose a case that is made from brushed stainless steel or rose gold, along with a matte black choice as well. Insert one of the four unique watch faces and attach a bezel that is available in the same three colors as the watch cases. Lastly, there are four different strap choices, each one made from fine leather and available in either brown or black.

Take your watches into your own hands and head over to the Eldon Watches Website. There, you can browse the signature collection of watches already assembled and play around with the different components, or you can create your own from the ground up. Each watch costs only 99.99 pounds, and they all feature free shipping to anywhere in the world.