Epoch watches Stockholm was founded in 2004, very conveniently in Stockholm, Sweden, by the engineers Mikael Sandström and Christer Sjöö – also founders of the largest brand that produce watches in Sweden, Sjöö Sandström. Sjöö eventually proceeded with other things, but Sandström is still carrying the torch of Epoch and he is doing it extremely well. When founding Epoch, the two founders knew what they were doing, after having lived and breathed the world of horology for several decades. Sandström, the current CEO of the company has been part of many watch innovations, one of them being a watch that has ended up at one of the most prestigeful watch museums in Switzerland under the theme “The 90s watch innovators”. Mr. Sandström has also had the privilege of delivering wristwatches to several royal houses, and one custom, special-ordered Epoch watch to the crown princess Victoria of Sweden. The Epoch watches are made by hand in the workshop located just outside of Stockholm. Epoch pays tribute to the classic ideals and takes inspiration from a roughly 200-year old Swedish watch-history. At the same time, Epoch is also seeking modern inspiration for their watches where Scandinavian elegance and craftsmanship can cooperate with modern production methods.

Regarding movements for their watches, Epoch Stockholm is cooperating with the leading Swiss makers of movements for watches, and their very own watchmakers then carefully select these after several tests. For Epoch, creating watches of the highest quality is given, but their goal is more than that. Their goal is to create watches that feel relevant through all periods and occasions in life, and that brings many years of joy to its owner. Epoch has since it was founded launched several collections of watches – with both mechanical ETA movements, as well as ETA quartz. Today, the brand has three collections of watches. President, First Lady, and Jubilee gold. All of them are powered by quartz movements, but there’s nothing that says that mechanical watches won’t come from Epoch’s workshops in the future.


The President collection consists of 7 timepieces based on the same watch case, but with varying elements and features. The President is a classic men’s watch that radiates sporty elegance, made of stainless steel, fitted with a Swiss precision movement. The President collection consists of watches with indigo blue, metal gray, brushed silver, as well as Scandinavian white dials, and is featuring three chronographs.

First Lady

The First Lady collection is a watch collection solely dedicated for ladies, as the name suggests. The First lady collection, is just like the President collection a watch collection with classic watches that define sporty elegance. This just emphasizes the route regarding design that Epoch is aspiring to take. The watches are made of stainless steel, and fitted with Swiss precision movements – the same movement Omega uses in their Quartz sports watches.

Jubilee gold

Epoch’s jubilee gold collection consists of watches, all made in 18K gold. All watches are fitted with scratch-resistant sapphire glass. The watches in this collection are the definition of classic, timeless watches that will never go out of style. They combine clean, and sophisticated watch-cases with detail-rich dials, creating a perfect combination of luxury elegance.

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