These four watches will forever stay in my collection as they hold a special place in my ❤️. These watches were all gifts from my wife wifeofawis, in chronological order (left being the oldest). She first gave me a Casio G-Shock many years ago… This was years before I was even interested in watches. Way before I became a WIS. That’s how well she knows me! The Tag Heuer Aquaracer she gave to me after I proposed to her. She said it wasn’t fair that the ladies get rings while the guys get nothing. I knew I had chosen the right one. The Rolex Hulk I received on one of my birthdays the same year that watch was released. I know she worked very hard to get it and I’m forever thankful for her love. The newest one is the Chanel J12. After giving up my old Chanel J12, she wanted me to have another one to match hers. It feels great to be back in the J12 family. Also notice how all the mechanical watches have a “color” scheme, this is not a coincidence. She wanted them to be somehow colorful, I love it. Yes, I am very blessed to be married to this amazing woman… All I can say is that she really is the Best Wife Ever!

Story & Photo Credit lifeofawis

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