Please introduce yourself
I am Giorgia Mondani, born in Genova Italy in 1984. I grew up surrounded by watches, as my father Guido is one of the most important Rolex collectors. I joined the family business 8 years ago, after having spent one year in Geneva working for Osvaldo Patrizzi at the Antiquorum auction house. Together with my parents, we lead Mondani Books, the world’s most important publishing house in the filed of horology. Together, we are realizing many projects: first of all, the Mondani Books are now well known in every country of the world and year after year these editions became a true must have for all watch collectors. I have realized the first blog in spanish entirely dedicated to Rolex, we attend the main watch shows in Europe and America and together with my husband Daniele we have just launched Mondani Web, the new social marketplace for the sale of watches and luxury accessories. We have created very strong social profiles, with more than 1 million followers between instagram and Facebook, becoming an important reference both on line and off line.
I live in Genova and I love living with my husband and my dog, who often appear in my instagram profile 🙂

When and how did your passion for watches start?
As I mentioned, I grew up surrounded by watches, I followed my dad on many business trips and international auctions and I think watches just have always been a part of me. It is a very interesting world, but also complicated at the same time, in particular for a woman. It is not always easy to deal with important international watch dealers, but is also something that I like and people got used to see me everywhere in the watch shows. I like to travel always with my husband, who helps and supports me. I like the reputation that we have: people see us for what we really are, a serious and reliable family.

Genova, Italy - 08/10/2015 - The watch collector Giorgia Mondani in her office with her dog “Milo”. © Andrea Frazzetta for The New York Times
Genova, Italy – 08/10/2015 – The watch collector Giorgia Mondani in her office with her dog “Milo”. © Andrea Frazzetta for The New York Times

Which watches are in your current personal collection?
I don’t need to say that the main brand is Rolex 🙂 LOL. I like several watches but I always try to look for watches that might be an investment. Rolex is keeping the market’s prices today so we always try to look for particular models. The vintage market is very complicated today ( that is why our books sell so well LOL ) so we also focus on modern watches. My favorite watch is the Day-Date that my husband gave me during our wedding, it combines 3 important things for me: the green dial ( i love green ), yellow gold and being a Rolex. I also collect Submariner and GMT-Master

Why these watches?
They are beautiful, they can be worn for every occasion, I can exchange them with my husband and I am pretty sure that if I want to resell them in the future i am not going to loose money. I would like to have an AP Royal Oak in the near future and it might be a good Christmas gift 🙂

What are the most important factors when you buy a watch?
As I mentioned before, our goal is to combine passion and investment, and it is also the message that we want to transmit with our books. The economical situation today is not stable at al, and perhaps everybody will wear an Apple watch in 20 years… but honestly, I don’t think that some kinds of wristwatches will loose value. From a collector’s point of view, it is interesting today to look for very particular watches, such as limited editions, personalized dials, personalized case back or watches with a particular history.

What are your grail watches and what’s so desirable about them?
This is a too difficult questions because in my family we have too many grails 🙂 LOL In particular my husband, he gets crazy when he sees a wristwatch, so I always have to stop him!

In your eyes, what makes the perfect watch picture and do you have some tricks?
This might look like a simple question, but it is not.. Social media and Instagram in particular, have completely changed the way to take photo of watch. Some years ago, the classic “catalogue” pictures were the most desirable, the perfect ones. Now, nobody wants them anymore. Today, the photo must be “alive”. People want to see what you do and where you are while wearing that watch. For example, you are driving a Mercedes wearing your Patek Nautilus, or you are in Dubai with your Rolex Daytona or you are wearing Nike shoes and an Hublot. Furthermore, before we had to spend a lot of money and look for the best photographer, now, we just need our iPhone. For our books, we still need a good photographer and we still need these standard photos, obviously, but the upcoming book “Rolex Passion” will combine classic and web, and an entire chapter will be dedicated to “shots from the web”, where many important intagrammers had the possibility to participate.


You can have a look at and to have a better idea of what we do every day, enjoy.

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