Making their debut from Singapore, Grundstof watches were created by two friends who was working for the production house Monkey & Boar and have recently produced a film called Repossession, it was when working on this film the two friends got the idea to make a film. Grundstof watches are some of the most exquisite and elegant wooden watches money can buy, yet they do not sacrifice comfort like many other minimalistic modern watches tend to do.

Opting to keep pieces of the world around them in their timepieces, Grundstof watches incorporates nature by using a wooden dial inside of their watches. The wood that is sourced is eco-friendly and renewable, making sure that their impact on the world is not only stylish but sustainable as well. These watches come in white oak, olive ash burl and walnut burl, giving customers the opportunity to own the watch that lines up with their personality the best. They come in both rose gold and gunmetal cases to ensure that timepiece looks how their customers want them to.

The prices are low because the company has a background in both design and finance alike, letting them be wholly conscious of pricing and how to keep prices down. Because their promotional commercials are done with a friends-and-family rate, they don’t have to pour their funds into extra promotional ventures.

Grundstof watches are on Kickstarter. They have reached 136% of their goal. Free international shipping will be available upon release.