Many companies speak to their efforts to be sustainable, but none of them go the extra mile toward reducing their impact on the Earth than Gyre. Gyre is a company that actively collects old fishing nets from the ocean to create their timepieces, at once cleaning up the sea as its name suggests while providing one-of-a-kind watches for you to enjoy. The SeaCleaner is the first sports watch crafted out of recycled fishing nets, making them a true innovator of green creations.

Gyre SeaCleaner

The Gyre SeaCleaner is a high-quality watch that not only benefits those who wear it but also supports local fishermen through donation, and five percent of their turnover then becomes a donation to the Ocean Cleanup Foundation, a cause they heavily support. These eco-friendly watches are designed with help from a French designer to ensure their simple nature is still stylish. The black case gets its color from the original hue of their recycled material, making even the case as sustainable as possible. A 316L stainless steel case-back makes the watch more durable and comfortable to wear. The straps are also fashioned out of recycled material—in this case, recycled plastic bottles. Even the movement is eco-friendly with its top-quality Japanese solar movement. The dial has a scratch-proof sapphire protecting the luminous dial that is easy to read even at night.

Gyre SeaCleaner

Gyre is currently crowdsourcing this project on Kickstarter. At the time of writing, they have met $47,804 pledged of their $55,058 goal with 16 days to go. Make a pledge today to get your own Gyre SeaCleaner timepiece before everyone else.

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