My Helberg CH6 is from Clemens’ newer brand Helberg. He is the owner of H2O watches as well who also made the Orca and few others very popular micro divers with interchangeable cases and bezel. He offers via his website a configurator what allows buyers to custom build their watches based on various options (cases, crystal, hands, bezel, bracelet and straps…). He has amazing customer service and puts out a nice quality product. He is based in Germany and seems to source parts from various quality manufacturers then has the watches assembled and QC’d locally before shipping. This CH6 is the SS case, flat crystal and blue dial. I opted also for the blue Isofrane though it came with an awesome MadDog custom leather sharp with MadDog handmade buckle and a Helberg leather as well. The kit comes with a tool and in a waterproof Pelican-like case. I am also waiting for a Bronze model with Dome crystal and brown dial. The watch is large at 45-45.5mm and over 16mm tall but the L2L is manageable a 50.5mm. I love the clean dial and the depth with the thick crystal and tall rehault. Even the like application is top notch as the markers have great relief as can be seen on the side shot.

Story & Photo Credit @Jeep99dad

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