My name is Carlos Pacheco and this is my WristTale. I live in Guadalajara City in Mexico. I am 19 years old and I’m an architecture student. When I was 16, my family and I traveled to Europe, and we visited my grandpa who is a watch lover, he has a little collection of vintage watches and he loves new models too. We were window-shopping in Paris and we saw this black Hublot, I told my grandpa that someday I’ll be able to buy one for myself. A few years later, when I turned 18, he surprised me with this black box on my birthday. It was this Hublot Black & Green Classic Fusion. I had no words to thank my grandpa for that gift. Nowadays, this is one of the thousand memories that I’ll keep of my grandpa, in my mind and my wrist.

Photo & Story Credit carloshpacheco

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