The SpectreDiver was originally made to pay homage to tool watches found in the past and the creator of this sleek dive watch, HVD, is dedicated to reinventing watches from back in the day that can withstand the rough and tumble world of today. Based in Singapore, HVD takes inspiration from an age when watches were mainly used to keep time in everyday work environments instead of being worn as a luxury. The focus was therefore directed toward the durability of the timepiece after noticing the swiftness with which many watches tend to break down in the modern era. 

HVD SpectreDiver lune shot

A durable watch, the SpectreDiver is a 40-millimeter stainless steel timepiece that makes it easy to see the dial from any angle. The design of the timepiece features a Sellita SW210-1 hand-wound movement, which keeps the time with great accuracy and precision. The water-resistance of up to 200 meters helps to prevent damage from water and water pressure. Regardless of the light setting, the time can be read with ease, thanks to the SuperLuminova coating on the dial. 

HVD SpectreDiver wristshot

The design of this watch is influenced by traditional dive watches from the 1960s and 1970s while still emphasizing modern watchmaking techniques. This can be seen in the high dome plexiglass crystal that not only protects the dial from damage but also warms the light that is reflected through the crystal. 

The SpectreDiver has been released on Kickstarter

HVD SpectreDiver movement

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