Do you remember your first watch, and how did your passion for watches start?

My first watch was a kid’s Swatch watch, which was yellow and the dial came with a purple cartoon dinosaur. Since then, I never leave home without wearing a watch. My real passion started when I was 19, 7 years ago. It was during the 2 years period when I was running my first e-commerce business, distributing a few micro brands in Asia. That was also my roots for Bearwrist.

What is your role at and how did you get started in the company?

My role is Undone’s Marketing VP. I met one of the co-founders through Bearwrist in mid 2015, which lead to myself joining their founding team in November 2015. I met them when I was visiting one of their watch shops wanting to modify my Sevenfriday watch.

Who else is in the Undone team?

Undone is a team of experienced watch design veterans and craftsmen. As a group of challengers and innovators, we are enabling everyone to create watches that reflects their individuality. Every Undone watch is an unique message, something important that deserves to be on your wrist everyday. Be part of the movement to create watches that represents you, because individuality matters!

Sorry to insert the brand story here again, haha, but this is precisely what we are about. So the main guy behind Undone is Michael Young. He is an experienced watch collector and he is renowned across online watch / vintage rolex forums for repairing / restoring vintage timepieces, especially refurbishing old Rolex watch bands making them like brand new. He also established his name in the industry by supplying boxes to Swatch, Omega, Frank Muller, Hublot, etc. He is also the owner of Classic Watch Repair @ClassicWatchRepair on Instagram.

Angus @wballball on Instagram is the creative and production guy

Myself, Barry @bearwrist on Instagram, is in charge of global marketing. I am a digital marketing strategist.

Undone Watch
Undone WristShot by Barry

What’s the story behind the name undone?

Michael came up with the name Undone because the word is quite ambiguous. Some might think it means taking off someone’s clothes, while some might relate it to something being incomplete. It also represents us shaking up things in the watch industry, offering product and services in a way that no one could match before at a reasonable price to most consumers.

How does Undone differentiate from others?

In the current market, customizable watch offerings are very polarized. You either get :

SUPER EXPENSIVE BRANDS who specialize in converting existing luxury watches, i.e. Rolex and Patek, into their own creations with a different coating (often with copyright licenses for special edition watches like Popeye or Snoopy).
CHEAP BRANDS WITH LOW QUALITY PRODUCTS that allows customers to customize on mediocre watch parts and movements (often in plastic and with a cheap quartz movement.

Undone’s objective is to bridge the gap in the market of customizable watches. We are bringing customizable watches to another level, based on the FIVE CORE PILLARS below:

  1. High level of customization: with 8 customizable components with various options in each category, there are over 1,000,000 possible unique combinations in our customizer. Further dial customizations options are available on request (PRICE LIST ATTACHED WITH THIS POST)
  2. An Interactive Experience: besides the customizer, we are investing heavily in customer service and the co-creation process for your unforgettable watch customizing experience.
  3. Reliable Product: The Undone Aqua can last a lifetime. It has an extremely robust build with a Seiko SII NH35-A movement, which has a 100% pass rate for 200m water resistance in our industrial pressure tester.
  4. Reasonably priced: Since we are direct to consumers, we can manage to keep the price for our flagship Aqua Diver between $380 – $520 , without sacrificing any customizability and functionality.
  5. Shortest lead time: Every customized Undone timepiece is assembled, tested and shipped out within 7 working days in our own facilities We also keep dial production and packaging in-house.
undone watches 

How is it to be a newcomer in such a old and traditional industry?

We feel great! We are doing things differently and we are moving very quickly as well with a small team. We are one of those new wave brands out there who are adopting a 100% online model, cutting out middlemen costs to drive down price, so customers gets the best value out of their purchase. Kickstarter helped a lot of brands out but more and more new brands are coming up with the same products. We decided not to go with Kickstarter and focus on our owned social media channels instead, especially Instagram. We pretty much grew by word of mouth. Its almost 5 months since we launched. We are lucky to be covered by most watch blogs out there and it feels pretty amazing. After all, customers are happy when a new comer steps in to do the right thing:)

Where are the watches made?

The parts are from everywhere. We are using SII by Seiko movements, some watch parts are made in Hong Kong, cases are made in China, coating in Hong Kong, straps are from the US, our testing equipments are from Switzerland, with Swiss procedures and standards.

What movements are Undone using and why?

SII by Seiko, The NH-35-A. We are using this because it is the same movement used in a lot of Seiko Diver’s. There are a lot of aftermarket watch parts available for the movement, which gives users the freedom to modify their own Undone further. Undone is now in the process of preparing a series of short watch modding tutorials and a watch modding kit for core watch fanatics, The NH35A is also robust and reliable with 42 hours power reserve. Their price is also very reasonable.

What do you believe makes a good watch and is important for you guys?

A good watch makes the wearer happy, simple as that. For us, we believe a watch is the wearer’s extension. It should be personalized so that it gives a unique meaning to the owner. A great watch is bespoke that you are proud to wear, that represents you.

What’s the inspiration for your collection?

Lately, I am getting more and more into vintage timepieces. I like to get a vintage watch that is produced in a different era, which can be reflected by the differences of various features. I am also studying more and more about watch movements.

Where can I buy undone watches and what’s the price range?

You can only get Undone Watches at, our official site. Prices are from $380 – $520, depending on your selection of watch parts.

TIP: Use code WPUNDONE and get a free strap with your Undone Watch.

undone customization

Where do you see Undone in 5 years?

I think it terms of marketing, we are very similar to Tesla. They have experience stores around the world but purchases are made strictly online. Right now we are focusing on developing offline experience stores so that more people can feel the quality of Undone’s watches. These locations will be tied with a tablet so customers can immediate customize on the app. Our app will be launching in Q3 2016. There will also be more base models for customers to customize on. By then, customers will be able to customize by features as well. To summaries, in 5 years, we will have our experience stores around key cities. We will also broaden our customisable watch offering so everyone can get a customizable watch that they truly desire.