Who are you guys?

Gustav Sandell and Joachim Kihlgård. We are two guys that met in school 4 years ago. We studied real-estate management. We love watches and entrepreneurship so starting a watch company came natural. We both work in the real-estate business daytime and have been working with G.axs in the evenings, nights and weekends for one year now. We both have the dream to only work with our business, of course! Real estate and watches are the shit…haha!

Where did the idea to start your own company come from?

Gustav came up with the idea one day and asked if I (Joachim) was interested. I thought that it was the best idea ever! Watches and our own company! And I had a design and an idea of a watch that could be a success. So we started Sandell&Kihlgård that owns the brand G.axs. The name comes from Gustav accessories. 

How do you differentiate your company?

We accomplished to make a watch that is better on a technical level and better looking then our competitors in the same price range.

How is it to be a newcomer in such an old and traditional industry?

It’s hard. A lot of competition but we still think that we have something to contribute with in the business.

Where are watches made?

They are designed in Sweden and assembled in China. The movement is Japanese. Gustav and I (Joachim) have designed every inch of the watch.  

Who are your customers?

Men and women that love watches and fashion but don’t want to spend a fortune on it. Instead they can buy 2 or 3 watches so they could change with different outfits. Maybe have one G.axs watch at work and another one in the evening.

What makes a good watch?

Style, quality and it needs to feel nice on your wrist!

What’s the inspiration for your own collection?

I (Joachim) had an Omega Seamster diver and wanted a totally different watch to change with. Gustav hates big diver watches so our first collection is a result of that.

Where can we buy your watches and what is the price range?

On our website WatchBandit. We also have some retailers in Sweden; we are working with this every day and want to pop up at different stores in the future. In dollars our price range is 120-135 USD. 

Where do you see your company heading?

We hope to develop our business every day, some new models are on the way and there is more to come. The sky is the limit, most important is that we are having a lot of fun and we are motivated to succeed! We are hoping to start a new watch brand named Sandell&Kihlgard with more advanced watches.

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