You probably remember your first watch, what was it and is there a story attached to it?
Who doesn’t remember their first digital Casio, mine was of the black plastic variety and for a few brief but glorious days I was king of my class.

What sparked your passion for watches?
Really, our passion is for great design and watches represent an interesting intersect between design, personal style and technology that fascinates us.

Ivy Watch Co.

What is in your personal watch collection?
Besides two Montauks, (a green Nylon Nato and a Hazel Classic Leather) I currently have a Submariner, a Datejust, a Speedmaster and a Junghans Max Bill along with a couple of Suunto sports watches.

How did you get into launching your company and how did you get started?
We are group of friends who share a passion for design and watches who came together to design a line of watches as we felt there was no handsome, quality sports watches available at affordable prices.

Who is in your team?
We are four guys with mixed backgrounds within business and design

Ivy Watch Co.

Where is your company located and where do you assemble the watches?
We are headquarted in Stockholm, Sweden where we do final assembly. The case is made in Shenzen, China, which has grown to become the leading watch production centre outside of Switzerland. We use Japanese Miyota movements, Swedish Tärnsjö leather and all leatherwork is done by hand in Poland.

What’s the inspiration behind the design of your Watches?

We obviously love classic, “mid century”, swiss sports watches (who doesn’t?) and we have carefully selected design elements from that era combined with contemporary style and created a line that pays homage to the greats while being undeniably modern.

What fascinates you about the style of Ivy League universities in the 1960s?
It is an era that represented a break from tradition and conformity. Students chose not to be bound by social conventions and expressed their relaxed and almost nonchalant attitude with their attire, for example wearing button down shirts un-tucked, penny loafers without socks and trousers cut into shorts and by doing so introducing an element of the subversive. If like us, you like the fashion and liberal views prevalent on the 60s campuses of the North East we recommend you pick a copy of T. Hayashida’s Take Ivy, a book that has inspired us.

What movements are you using and what triggered your decision?
We have chosen a true workhorse Miyota 2025 as it is reliable and it’s compact design allowed ample degrees of freedom designing the case.

Where can we buy your watches and what is the price range?
Our watches are available exclusively online at, the range starts from 219€ for the Nylon Nato versions and our range topper, the handmade Classic Leather made from Tärnsjö leather will be yours for 279€.

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