You probably remember your first watch, what was it and is there a special story connected to it?
This one was tricky as I never got into watches until the early 90’s so I had to think really hard about it. It was actually a Casio DataBank and I clearly remember I bought it because I found it cool to have my friends information on my wrist instead of having to use a notebook or paper in the first place. Plus, it really looked futuristic. 🙂

How did your passion for watches start?
My passion started by chance when I first saw a Tag Heuer Monaco, immediately fell in love with a watch that I am still chasing now… 🙂

How did you get into launching your shop and how did you get started?
I started literally from scratch in March 2017 then publishing the boutique in May with Meccaniche Veneziane (Italy) and adding Sea King Watch Co. (USA) to our collection in June. I went through the classic market evaluation, evaluated the several CRM available and worked on the boutique style along with all the backend technical details.

You currently offer watches from Meccaniche Veneziane and Sea King Watch Co. why did you choose those brands?
I decided to cater micro-brands that are not well known yet but have very distinctive traits (design, style and others) that immediately capture my attention. I keep an eye on several micro-brands that are sparse around the world and I am in talks with many of them to reach an agreement to distribute them and sell them through my boutique. Think as my boutique being the one place where you can find many of these micro-brands that would otherwise be scattered among the many websites out there.

Please explain the model range of both Meccaniche Veneziane and Sea King Watch Co.
As of now, we go with a mid-range type of watches (none go over the $900 USD mark) but will be adding a couple of higher-end (around the $1,500 USD mark) in the next few months.

The Meccaniche Veneziane (from now on referred as MV) start with a classy looking and very elegant Redentore Ghiaccio (Stainless steel with white dial) and its several variations (black, blue, green and red dials/straps) which all keep that classy, elegant design and a stunning look.

Then we have the MV Nereide, a watch with the diver look but more elegant thus perfectly wearable in many daily occasions. The Nereide comes in stainless steel with black, blue, green and red variants, each one strikingly beautiful on their own.

We also carry the MV Nereide PVD which adds a darker look with a PVD coating over the stainless steel, black dials and black or red rings.

Our top-of-the-line from MV is the Arsenale, which is a striking 45mm model with a bad-ass looking attitude. This is truly one of our most requested watches due to the sheer beauty invoked by the size but also by the aged look given by the natural aging process used in the production phase.

As for the Sea King Watches, I am going to literally use their own statement, which I believe gives the best idea about their watches: “Sea King Watches Co. aims to create high quality timepieces with the look and feel of a luxury brand that the average guy can afford. We wanted to create a watch you could wear with a suit and tie, or wear it at the beach and look great doing it!”

Which is your favourite watch in your collection and why?
I wear each MV watch on a daily basis not only to showcase them to perspective local customers but because I truly love each and every single one of them. That being said, I am just in love with their Arsenale Ardesia, the 45mm. Having finalized the agreement with MV later than expected, I was out of luck in getting my hands on one of them as they were already sold out. Even without the chance of wearing one, I simply love that unique look (although several customers pointed out that it resembles another famous watch) give by the Arsenale and how striking the aged look is and I look forward to wear it as my daily watch. I haven’t had a chance to wear a Sea King yet because they are still in pre-order phase.

What are your plans for the future in terms offering?
While I cannot divulge specific plans and specs, we we be carrying a couple of new models of the MV Nereide (new color choices) and MV is introducing a Swiss movement as well. But something else is in the works which I cannot share at this time. One thing I can share is that I am working with MV to have a limited collection (Redentore, Nereide or Arsenale) which will be available only through our boutique and nowhere else in the world. As for other brands, we are presently in talks with several companies from Europe and a couple in the USA and Asia to reach an agreement for distribution and/or resale and we expect one or two to be available in the very near future.

specs, reasonable cost watches from micro-brands available anywhere in the world giving our customers beautiful timepieces that can be safely purchased on our boutique.

Where can we buy your watches and what is the price range?
Our customer can purchase online at
Our boutique has a Live Chat enabled to allow customers to reach us in real time (depending on the time-zone).

We also have an active page/shop on Facebook (

We are also active on our several Social accounts (FB, IG, Tumblr, YouTube and more) and we plan to bring a direct connection to our customers via the Business Chat available this Fall from Apple through the iMessage system.

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