Rolex is the most replicated watch brand in the world.

Of course, this doesn’t come as a surprise when you consider the fact that Rolex is also the most famous and largest watch brand in the world.

With an increased popularity of something, it means an increased demand, and with Rolex being a luxury watch brand, not everyone has the money or the will to spend Rolex money on a way. At the same time, there’s a reason why Rolex has established itself as an iconic luxury brand, and one of those reasons is due to its iconic designs. Designs such as Rolex’s Submariner is loved all over the world, and some people who may like the Rolex design, but don’t want to spend the kind of money that a Rolex Submariner cost, might instead decide to buy a fake one instead.

There’s a reason why the Rolex Submariner model is the most replicated watch of them all.

Of course, counterfeit Rolexes is a big problem for the company. It was in the 1960s when fake Rolexes first started appearing on the market, which obviously had a negative effect on Rolex’s reputation. Since then, Rolex has taken many measures to make it harder for counterfeiters to make watches and sell them as the real deal, including the green sticker on the casebook (which later was discontinued since counterfeiters became so good at making them), and now most recently, the laser etched Rolex crown at 6 o’clock on the crystal.

Despite this, there are a ton of fake watches on the market, and Switzerland’s FH estimates that 40 million counterfeit watches are produced annually. At the same time, about 1 million counterfeit watches are seized and destroyed every year.

Over the years, the counterfeiters have become better and better at replicating Rolexes. As a result, spotting a fake Rolex has become more difficult.

If you plan on buying a Rolex watch, it’s important that you are careful. There are several ways to protect yourself from buying a fake Rolex, and one of the most effective is to learn the tells of what separates a real Rolex from a fake one. The best way, however, is to always buy from trusted sellers. If the deal seems too good to be true, it probably also is.

In this infographic, we share with you 12 of our best tips for spotting a fake Rolex. Using these tips when examining a Rolex watch will allow you to tell whether or not it is real. And if you are planning to buy a watch, make sure you bookmark this infographic so you can revert back to it for your next purchase.

hot to spot a fake rolex

(Thanks to Rolexdiver for the picture of authentic Rolexes, and to WatchBandit for the Infographic)