Who is behind Leo´s Wisdom?

Bre Harris and Wisdom Tucker are the masterminds behind Leo’s Wisdom Jewelry. Bre, also known as Leo, was an artist with sheet metal and auto customization; Wisdom is an autodidact, an artist, and a marketing guru.

How can it be you decided to go into mens jewelry? 

I like to look a certain way, and there were very few jewelry companies that appealed to me, and even then, I never felt I was getting my money’s worth. Of all the designs that rose to the top, I felt I could perfect my vision of design while retaining quality and sentiment. I ventured out into jewelry design for myself, but in wearing my creations, I learned that others desired the same thing. Every piece I made, I was convinced to sell right off my neck and wrist, so I made the decision to continue making bold statements through Leo’s Wisdom allowing the public to share in and own a piece of what I create and design.

What inspires you when you are designing the bracelets?

I’m inspired, mainly, by attitude and personality of things and beings. I don’t just see something and create. It’s almost like certain sentiments and feelings speak to me, and I just free them from the metal and precious stones. To have a connection with a material thing, other than just for show, it is a personal thing. And when I design a piece, I design it for myself. If the world loves it, then I have made a connection with them through my gift. I don’t idolize things, but I do identify with and enjoy them. I take pride in appearance, with meaning. I dress with purpose. Therefore each piece is an extension of personality.


What kind of materials are you using?

I mainly utilize precious metals – Sterling and Argentium Silver, Gold, and Rose Gold – in my designs. I also accent with precious gems and stones including Diamonds, Rubies, Amethysts, Sapphires, Topaz, Emeralds, and more. Our beads are either Grade AA or AAA, the best of what is offered, from Lapis Lazuli to Onyx to Druzy and Coral, and everything in between. Everything we use is natural and Green, and we take pride in the fact that for every piece we make and every element we use, we responsibly give back and invest in efforts and initiatives that nurture and cultivate Mother Earth… so you can feel good about the Leo’s Wisdom piece you’ve decided to wear on your neck, wrist, and fingers.

Do you make the bracelets to fit specific type of watches and styles?

We’ve made a few specific bracelets, by request, to fit specific types of watches and styles. Some of my favorites include a Signature Leo’s Wisdom faceted bracelet to match a celebrity friend’s Audemars Piguet; another was a custom Turquoise Lion’s Den II Bracelet to match a good friend’s Presidential Rolex and another to match his Hublot; and finally, we have been experimenting with hides and leathers from stingray, ostrich, and snake to pair with other “big face” and 44mm designs.

Who is your target audience?

We wish to appeal to everyone, but it’s not realistic that all people will take to this level of luxury. But we do try! Seriously, however, we tailor to men, however, women look just as sexy in Leo’s Wisdom, so we’ve opened up to creating some unisex and even pieces specifically for the fairer sex, by request.

What is the plan for the future in terms of design and where do you want to take Leo´s Wisdom ?

In terms of design, we have been buried away creating an entirely new line of pieces to be released very soon. We’ve released two sneak peaks and received overwhelming praise, so we are eager to share the rest of the line. We’ve also been honored with the support and interest of some notable partners, and will be offering some exciting, rare items that will surely change the face of Luxury Menswear and Fashion. We are God-fearing people, and wherever God says we can go, we will go. The possibilities are endless, and we’re testing that notion all over the globe, one Continent at a time.

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