Do you remember your first watch and what sparked your passion for watches?
My first watch was a hapless football themed plastic monstrosity, but my father had a beautiful hand-wound Smiths Astral that I adored. Unfortunately that beauty is resting somewhere at the bottom of the Mediterranean now after an unfortunate incident on a boat, but that one watch was enough to get me hooked for life.

How did you get into launching Marloe Watch Co.?
Marloe all started when I met a chap called Gordon in the Spring of 2015. We both have a huge passion for watches and decided to create a new range of hand-wound timepieces. Nearly a year later and we’re on the verge of launching our first edition, the Cherwell, on Kickstarter.

What inspires your designs?
The Cherwell is design led. The hand-wound movement inspired much of the design, but we wanted to make something bespoke – a true ‘from the ground up’ design – as few stock parts as possible. The Cherwell had to be beautiful and comfortable to wear, whilst also feeling great to hold in your hand. So many senses are missed when designing physical objects, especially those worn for long periods of time – tactility is often neglected. Picking your Cherwell up should feel just as good as wearing it on your wrist.

What movements are you using and why these movements?
We’re using the Seagull ST36 mechanical movement to power the Cherwell – which was selected not only for its reliability, but also its delicate and eye-catching engravings which can be seen through the exhibition case-back of the watch.

marloe watches

Where are you guys located and where are Marloe watches assembled?
We are based out of Oxfordshire, England, near the town of Marlow which was the inspiration for our name. Our watches are assembled in Shenzhen, China, and the quality control is carried out internally by us. After decades of watch making, the build quality of watches from the Far East is coming on leaps and bounds, and we’re delighted with the level of quality of the Cherwell.

Where can we buy a Marloe watch and what is the price for one of your watches?
The Cherwell will retail for £249 in Spring, but we’ll be offering pre-order prices from £129 when we launch our Kickstarter campaign later this month. You can sign up to be notified of our launch at