A premium watch brand specialising in contemporary, inventive and original designs, Martenero is dedicated to creating one-of-a-kind timepieces that take inspiration from all of the most beloved classic pieces that you know and love. Their aesthetic and style take root in all of the numerous heritage brands that have come before Martenero itself, using their timelessness as inspiration to create their own timepieces that they hope to see become classics in their own way. This new take on traditional timepieces is what sets them apart from other modern manufacturers that break onto the modern watchmaking scene.


The latest project from Martenero, the Martenero Bayshore, is the company’s endeavor to recreate and reinvent the classic dive watch, a watch that is as well known for its versatility, strength and robustness as it is for its style. Because of the numerous vintage dive watches overflowing from the timepiece market, Martenero hopes to carve out their own spot in the industry by creating vivid, colourful modern timepieces that serve as an excellent alternative to the more common pieces already out there. During the span of a year, the design of the Martenero Bayshore has been manifested, bringing collectors a traditional, easily recognizable style combined with the beauty of colourful modernism, all wrapped up in a strong and functional dive watch package.


Classic but refined for the modern age, the Martenero Belgrano starts off with four different colour ways, with each variation being offered in a multi-coloured design. The four colour ways include a simple white dial with various blue hues throughout both the dial and the bezel; a red watch with a vivid, eye-catching red dial with silver accents on the bezel and dial; the flagship version in dark blue with an orange detail on the bezel and an orange secondhand; and the classic black watch with blue accents in the same areas.


The Martenero Bayshore is crafted out of high-quality stainless steel that is brushed and polished from top to bottom with twisted lugs that make these different finishes clear. The dial itself has several layers of indices and numerals to show off the remarkable details that are not often found on other watch dials. Keeping the time in the Bayshore is a high-powered, high-quality Japanese Seiko NH35 movement that provides even more accuracy than the more expensive Swiss movements so many watches use. The automatic movement winds in a natural way as you wear the watch. All of this rests on a stainless steel bracelet that brings with it a contemporary flat link style to finish off the look.


The Martenero Bayshore is currently being crowdfunded on the Kickstarter crowdsourcing website. You can acquire your own Martenero Bayshore timepiece by making a pledge to the project with rewarded pledges ranging between $279 and $799. At the time of writing, the Martenero Bayshore has had $55,950 pledged of its $10,000 goal through 199 backers with only 14 days left in the campaign, making it a remarkably successful and well-anticipated project.

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