Do you remember your first watch, and how did your passion start?
We have never really worn watch before Mauron Musy. Our passion has begun very late. We are two precision mechanics and we love mechanical watches. Eric manufactures with his other company many component for Swiss watchmaking. When we decided to make our own watches, we thought to only make them for our friends! That was 3 years ago.

When did you start your company?
In 2013, one day I was drinking coffee with Eric in his mechanical workshop. We regularly watched the making of watch parts during the week. I then said that we could make watches for our friends. Eric directly said yes and we quickly created and designed prototypes. But we wanted to bring something more concrete than just a new watch. As sealing is often a problem, we developed the nO-Ring complication. And then everything went very fast. The platform for innovation came to us and the process very quickly gained momentum. The following year we participate in Baselworld with some prototypes.

Who else is in the team?
The team is composed by Eric Mauron, my father-in-law, and me, Christophe Musy! Eric took over the mechanical workshop of his father when he died. He was still young. Now he devotes much time to make parts for the Swiss watchmaking industry. I, Christophe, am a mechanical engineer. I worked in several other areas before finding myself! This project has come at the right time. Mauron Musy is nothing more complicated than our names. We are people down to earth and do not want to find the name “marketing”. We are artisans in a small workshop with a good philosophy.

How does your company differentiate from others?
Mauron Musy is an independent and family manufacture. It is our will and our philosophy to propose a 100% Swiss manufactured watch. In an era of widespread delegalization of production processes, we decided to found a deliberately local Manufacture with ideals and a philosophy intended for free spirits. Our watches are distinguished by their sealing system. The nO-Ring® technology. The only watch featuring direct-seal gasket-free water-resistance. We say that’s a mechanical water.resistance. The main benefit is the service. The absence of synthetic material- whose life span is limited- allows to restrict your watch services to a single service of the movement every 7 years. The watch is completely water resistant, even when the crown is in winding position. The crown is usable under water. You can “forget” your watch on your wrist!

Where is the watch made?
We control the entire process. Design, research and development, manufacturing of casing parts, finishing, assembly and adjustment are made by us. The movement is manufactured by Eterna in Granges, in Switzerland, and others parts of the watch in St-Aubin, in our factory.

Where are you located and where will the watches be assembled?
By us, in St-Aubin, Switzerland. I’m the one to assemble and adjust the final watches.

What makes a good watch and was were important for you guys?
A good watch: it is a mechanical watch with a reliable and exclusive movement. It is also a quality finish which must be manual and perfect. Another important point is the highest quality-price. Few After Sales Service, and proximity to the customer.

Where can i buy your watch and what’s the price range?
The prices are between CHF 5.500.- and CHF 6.200.-. We are established in Switzerland and have recently opened the Portuguese market following our participation at Baselworld 2016. We will soon be represented in jewelry stores in Paris. But we sell worldwide to private people. Most often, they come through social networks!

Where do you see your company in 5 years
We want to initially sustain our small company. I see Mauron Musy with up to 10 employees. Regarding the watches, we develop another model for next year and are already working on a manufactured in-house movement.