When two brothers fell in love with a clock in the Renaissance Building of Piazza San Marco on a trip there, they instantly wanted to bring to life the beauty of the clockwork and distribute it in timepiece form. The clock used 16th century watchmaking mechanics, and fearing that this beautiful mechanic was going to fall into obsoletion, they recreated it in each of the Meccaniche Veneziane watches.

The Meccaniche Veneziane watches offer you three different choices when it comes to unique collections, letting you find the watch that best suits your style. These collections are the Redentore, the Arsenale and the Nereide. The Nereide collection takes its cues from a Venetian submarine called the Nereide, its classic design made specifically for the Royal Arsenale in 1913. With the Redentore, the influence comes from a building designed by a famous Venetian architect, Andrea Palldio. The Arsenale gets its inspiration from the ships in the Royal Shipyard situated inside of the Serenissima Republic.

Your interest in purchasing any one of these Meccaniche Veneziane watches will take you to their official website. There, you can browse all three of the watch collections mentioned here to find the perfect one for you. The prices range anywhere between EUR 519 and EUR 879 across all three collections. Purchase one of the watches that are immediately available on the site or preorder any of the styles that will be available at a later date. No matter which path you take, each one of these watches comes with free shipping to anywhere on the globe.

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