Please introduce yourself
I’m living in the beautiful city Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. I work at Swedish television as a graphic designer. My job is my passion (besides my newborn daughter and fabulous wife :)), it’s the right mix of creativity, daily variety and sharp deadlines. I don’t have Facebook, Snapchat or any other social media but with my background I thought Instagram was a perfect media for me. I express myself better with pictures than with words 🙂

Omega Seamaster

Is there a story behind your Instagram name mensmode?
First, my idea with the account was to post my watches and outfits and the name mens mode fitted perfectly. However, my wife quickly started to tease me about the name, as it in Swedish roughly means; (womens) period fashion 🙂


When and how did your passion for watches start?
As a young boy I had an Uncle who was a watchmaker. He opened up a whole new world for me, the world of horology. My first Love (in watches) was Casio and the dba-800 phone dialer took my virginity. And on that road it continued, love story after love story :).

Rolex Daytona

Which watches are in your current collection?

My current collection contains of:

  • Rolex Daytona – Ref.116520 – The dream watch for a long time, now finally in my collection. The World Famous Daytona, A real master piece.
  • Rolex Datejust – Ref.16013 – Classic Rolex model and this particular model is from the same year my wife is born. (and we don´t talk about women’s age ;))
  • Omega Planet Ocean – Ref.2208.50.00 – James Bond can’t be wrong. A great allround watch, a bit big for my tiny wrists.
  • Panerai Radiomir – Ref.00512 – The Love for Panerai goes back to Sly in Daylight. It´s something about the clean and simple design.
  • IWC Ingenieur – Ref.IW323909 – Ingenieur comes with great history and I love the classic design from Gérald Genta.
  • Cartier Tank Solo – Ref.W5200004 – The roman numbers and the blue stone is significant for Cartier! Timeless design and a great thin dress watch.
  • Tag Heuer Monaco – Ref.CAW2111 – There is something about Squared Watches and how Cool is Steve McQueen? This is the classic Race Watch. Stunning BlueDial.
  • Seiko Velatura – Ref.SRH006P1– The Beater.
  • Seiko “Age of Discovery” – Ref.7T36-7A10 – The ”Moon phase” in the collection. My Goal is to try to upgrade this one, to a real moon phase 🙂
  • Davosa Classic – Ref.161.464.16 – My first ”Gold” watch.

I still have my first ”expensive” watch in my collection (Certina DS Podium Square Chrono). I don’t use it, but I don´t have the heart to sell it. In my collection there is also an Jaeger‑LeCoultre Atmos, not a wristwatch but a crazy and cool watch. Last year my collection was a lot bigger but I’m trying to downsize so I can try other exclusive pieces.


What are the most important factors when you buy a watch?
In my late teenage years I created a list of watches I wanted in the future and these watches are some of them. The road to perfection is long but hopefully I’m getting there. The problem is, to sell off watches to buy new ones? Or the save up the money to expand the collection. If I´m going to check of all watches on the list, Im leaning to the first option.

Rolex Datejust

Do you have a favorite and why?
I love my Panerai, because it’s so versatile. But it’s a tough choice and if I’ll have to choose only one watch I have to go with the Daytona. It’s a timeless piece that comes with a great heritage.


What are your grail watches and what’s so desirable about them?
For now, I’ve only gone with my list of watches I’d like to own. Not thinking so much about investments and what other people think about my choices.The list goes far, far back when I didn’t have the funds but starting to gain interest in horology. I think my list have a lot of variation and mostly contain classic watch models. However, I don’t think I’ll check off all the watches on the list. But it’s something to dream of, like my ”bucket list” of watches. A real Grail watch is the AP Royal Oak 15202 in Rosegold with blue dial! It’s a bit expensive for a watch, but you can always dream. I had the Daytona on my list for many years. But for now I would say, the new Day-Date 40 mm. I absolutely love The 60th anniversary green dial. And I think DD in 40 mm i the right way to go.

Tag Heuer Monaco

In your eyes, what makes the perfect watch picture and do you have some tricks?
Think outside the box, be creative and try not to take the same kind of picture and angle. I like to use natural sunlight and try to take pictures outside to get the best result. When you are outside, you’ll get a lot of ”free” lighting and the reflections makes the watch look better. You also need to have A LOT of patience and persistence; take a picture, adjust the angle of the watch, take a new picture and so on…However, the best “quick” trick is to use a real camera. Not a mobile phone. And get a good/expensive objective for the camera. Finally DON’T forget to wipe off the watch before taking any pictures, dust, fingerprints and dirt can ruin a good picture.

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