Do you remember your first watch?
Vividly, it was a Takara Transformers watch my parents gave me for a birthday. The details of it’s reception evade me but the joy of wearing that form changing toy watch has stuck with me since. It came on a strap which had pushers so the watch/robot could pop off and do its thing. Changed from a watch to a single seat jet plane plane and lastly over to an actual robot. I wore it until it’s wings were busted, arms barely held on and then it was gone. I woke one morning and couldn’t find it, oddly enough I have thought about it over the years more often than a grown man should. Now my interest has peaked, I’m going to see if I can find another one, haha.


When did you launch Seals Watch Company, and how did you get started?
Fall of 2012 was when I began to execute upon an adulthood dream of doing something for myself, to begin the journey of escaping the classic day job and doing my own thing. My interest in watches, time and machinery led me to pursue developing my own watch company. Getting started was simple, just grabbed a pen, paper then dropped in to the local bar for a couple drinks to stir up the creativity and began drawing. Once the sketches started to make sense and a firm direction was in mind I worked with a graphic designer to nail down the renderings. From this point it began to get interesting to say the least.


What’s the inspiration behind the design?
Protection, and something bold, were my initial thoughts for the design. I wanted to create a case which stood out and would protect its contents under a bit of abuse. I’ve always had a thing for battle tanks, whether it was of stories I was told or the “characters” in video games which I played, they’ve always peaked my interest. None of my initial sketches or outlines even made it to the final design once an unconscious doodle led into what’s seen now as our Model A case. When my mind wonders I often just sketch random things, usually initials, trees but this time a battle tank.
What movements power Seals Watches?
Miyota 9015, micro brand champion! Simply put, it’s performance, slim height, positive feedback and value for the customer put it high above the rest (of the movements we considered at least) and allowed us to invest more in to the Model A’s other components. Given this is our debut collection, dependability and quality were two characteristics which had to be met. With our next collection we are preparing to change direction, likely utilize a lesser known Swiss movement and continue on with developing another top notch time piece. Once the movement has been properly vetted we’ll complete the design of our prototypes and get them built.


Where are you located and where are the watches assembled?
Seals Watch Company is located in Northern California, in El Dorado Hills which is between San Francisco and Lake Tahoe. Our watches are assembled in Asia, about an hour outside of Hong Kong. Same facility as many well known non-swiss brands.


Where can we buy Seals Watches and what is the price range?
They can be purchased from our website, and the price for each of the 5 references are $675. This includes an extra leather strap, our popular travel case, watch of your choice plus free shipping until end of January.

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