When it comes to dive watches, sacrificing on quality is not an option. Often, in order to get the quality and specs one needs for a safer diving experience, it means sacrificing the styles you prefer and dealing with a bulky watch that clearly does not care about aesthetics. The creators of the MILSPEC Navy ‘Clearance Diver’ Iconic Automatic Dive Watch strive to change that with dive watches that are every bit as durable as you need and as stylish as you want. 


This MILSPEC Navy ‘Clearance Diver’ Iconic Automatic Dive Watch takes its cues from the classic dive watches from the 1960s with slight modern upgrades. The orange minute hand works with the stylish vintage hour markers to help you keep the time with ease. The case is waterproof with a resistance to damage at depths of 300 meters or 1000 feet, leaving you with peace of mind that it will never crack under the pressure. The case is crafted out of premium 316L stainless steel that measures 41 millimeters in size to make the details of the watch abundantly clear. 

MILSPEC Navy lume shot

The Swiss Luminova coating on the hands will allow you to easily take a glance at the time without strain and in the darkest of settings. It features a sapphire crystal glass that protects it from nicks and scratches. 

Currently, the MILSPEC Navy ‘Clearance Diver’ Iconic Automatic Dive Watch has reached its Kickstarter goal of $1,377 by raising $11,192 with 17 days left in the campaign to back the project.

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