With the emphasis being put on the importance of balance through the art of design, Neucarl has released its Sept Mai model, a timepiece that balances the modern designs of contemporary watches with mid-century elements and retro-futurist accents that make it a piece that truly spans throughout time. Above anything else concerning this robust timepiece, from the sturdy case to the reliable movement, the design is at the forefront, showcasing the creator’s desire to express themselves during a difficult and unprecedented time such as 2020.

Neucarl Sept Mai dial

This timepiece takes its cues from the industrial aesthetics that were born in the mid-20th century with an emphasis on chic style and bold looks. By taking these features from yesteryear, the Sept Mai brings to life a watch with plenty of character, one that is sure to satisfy both the watch lover just looking for a unique and exclusive accessory and the enthusiastic collector who wants to complete their collection with a watch that ties together everything they love about their favorite existing pieces.

Neucarl Sept Mai side view

The Sept Mai begins with high quality, durable case that is fashioned out of 316L stainless steel and has been given a polished finish that offers its timeless elegance. The case measures 41 millimeters in diameter, making it large enough to be noticed and easy for the time to be read without being bulky on the wrist. The watch runs on a mechanical Sellita SW215-1 movement that has mechanical winding capabilities and a power reserve of an impressive length of 42 hours.

Neucarl Sept Mai flat view

The movement accurately keeps and then displays the time on the dial, which is multi-layered to give it depth and dimension, all crafted out of circular brushed steel that adds even more detail to its look. The design of the timepiece features an inner layer luminescence through its SuperLuminova BGW9 that allows you to easily read the time even in the lowest light settings. On the front of this beautiful timepiece are a double-sided, curved sapphire crystal glass that is able to resist nicks and scratches to preserve the life and the look of the timepiece, while the same material also eliminates the risk of scratches appearing on the back over time. Both sides are finished with an anti-reflective coating that will allow you to see the details clearly even when the sun is blinding.

Neucarl Sept Mai wristporn

All of this is attached stably to the wrist using a high-quality black leather strap that works beautifully with the aesthetics of the watch. The strap features a 316L stainless steel pin buckle that not only resists wear from frequent use but also is resistant to rust and corrosion… and, it is engraved with a handsome, stylish “N” monogram to help set it apart as exclusive.

Neucarl Sept Mai wristshot

You can get your hands on your very own Sept Mai timepiece to cherish when you head to Neucarl’s Kickstarter. There, you can pledge a donation of various sizes to help the company reach its goal and in return take home your own Sept Mai at early bird prices.

Reserve your Sept Mai from Neucarl here

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