An independent family-owned watch brand, NORQAIN is an innovative company that has decided to carve out space in the watch market all its own. With deep roots in Swiss watchmaking and their base in Nidau, the company operates from a culture surrounding watchmaking in all forms, which brings with it plenty of excitement and passion toward the timepieces they create, and that’s easy to see in their creations.

Norqain black automatic

Beyond their ambition to create one-of-a-kind Swiss watches, NORQAIN exists out of a rich family tradition with more than four decades of the family members developing these unique timepieces. Throughout the generations of watchmakers in the family, new perspectives on style blend with classic watchmaking techniques to really bring together the best of both worlds. The company works completely in-house, and they are one of only a handful of Swiss watch companies that produce mechanical watches and mechanical watches only. Each watch is assembled entirely by hand, ensuring that each second that ticks away is priceless instead of mass-producing watches like many other companies do these days.

NORQAIN Adventure Sport

Through their crafting methods, they are able to make their watches stand out even more with special features like a customizable NORQAIN plate, an oscillating weight and vintage dials that make them stand out among the others. Alongside these unique features built-in, there are also plenty of straps to choose from to allow customers to customize the watches even more.

norqain movement nn20:2 gmt

NORQAIN has decided to partner with Kenissi, hoping to bring the independent watch brand even more integrity and success by partnering with one of the most renowned manufacturers of mechanical movements. Kenissi will be partnering with NORQAIN long term, bringing with it decades of experience the owner of Kenissi has with a generations-worth of watchmaking knowledge and experience brought forth by NORQAIN. Working together, their new designs underline the importance of uniqueness in the watch world and bring to you high-powered, robust timepieces that are ready to travel with you through all of life’s adventures.

norqain movement NN20:1 three-hand

Through this process of establishing a partnership, the mechanical watches NORQAIN creates will become more notable than ever, thanks to the premium movements that power the watches. As NORQAIN, they let their customers look forward to movements such as the GMT NN02/2 and the three-hand NN20/1, both of which feature a 70-hour power reserve that will update all of the existing NORQAIN collections and make them better than ever before.

norqain movement nn20:2 gmt with jumping hour setting

Since NORQAIN was founded in the year 2018, it has become known for its motto “your life, your way” and continues to strive to bring that one-of-a-kind quality to its watches to further the mood of this motto. By adding such powerful and accurate movements to the already one-of-a-kind, reliable timepieces full of customization options, these watches can go anywhere you go and will show your personality and your passion for life.

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