In this day and age, there is a smart watch on every wrist. While many find them to be helpful and convenient, just as many don’t want a flashy, ultra-modern watch to take place of their traditional timepieces. That’s where NOWA Watches come in. Born in Paris, the Shaper watch by NOWA features everything that you love about a smart watch housed inside of a classic timepiece design, creating a new style of smart watch that hasn’t been done before.

The Shaper watch is perfect for those who keep their fitness in mind and find themselves traveling often. This watch syncs up with your smartphone in order to automatically locate and adjust to your new time zone. It also keeps track of your activity, recording how many steps you take, how far you walk and how many calories you burn. NOWA will even let you know about your sleep habits to help you adjust to a healthier sleep schedule.

The NOWA Shaper can also notify you of calls, allow you to reject calls, take photographs and find your phone all by pressing the crown. Each of these features is protected by a 316L stainless steel case measuring 40 millimeters in diameter. Inside, there is a Swiss Ronda movement, while metal markers rest on the dial beneath glare and scratch-resistant sapphire glass.

NOWA Watches are currently crowdsourcing their Shaper watch using the crowdfunding site, Kickstarter. Currently, NOWA Watches has reached their goal of $35,000, raising $60,516 with three days left to go. Make a minimum pledge of $99 to enjoy a NOWA Shaper watch of your choice.